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Achilleas Dimitriadis: I was and remain independent

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& nbsp & nbspΦρίξος Δαλίτης & nbsp; & nbsp;

He bowed for the presidential elections by announcing his independent candidacy, addressing all the Cypriot citizens, whom he invites to see and study his program. Achilles Dimitriadis & nbsp; officially entered the race of the presidential elections, as an independent, but keeping the door open to the parties that want to change the course of the country with him. He states that he has always been and is independent and this is reflected in the outline of the positions and this does not change if his name was heard or is heard as a candidacy that will receive the support of a party.

He states that the current party processes concern the parties and not the one who is there with his outline of positions and with that he calls on the citizens to count him. He addresses a special appeal to the citizens who have remained abstaining in recent years, emphasizing how it is worthwhile for an independent to try in the hope that under his program he will be supported by many people and of course by one or more parties. He puts forward the three pillars of the outline of his positions and refers to the need to fight corruption, to restore hope in the Cyprus issue and in Cyprus of the future. & Nbsp;

He sharply criticizes the Government on the issue of Varosia, leaving clear tips for the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulidis, blaming the foreign policy & nbsp; for what was done in the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta. “We were told in June 2019 that the opening of the enclosed city was a pre-election firework. & nbsp; In November 2020, Erdogan had a picnic in Varosi and in June 2021 he took part “, he states characteristically.

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– Why an independent candidacy and to whom & nbsp; is it addressed?

– I do not belong to any political formation and I address all Cypriot citizens. & nbsp; I want to give and not take. & nbsp; I want to serve my country and not be served by it. & nbsp; I want to measure the present to find the way that the future will lead us. & nbsp; In the future of peace, security, prosperity and justice, not so much for us but for our children. & nbsp; We owe it to them.

– What forces do you expect to support you?

– As I have mentioned, I am addressing all Cypriot citizens, whether they belong to party formations or not. & nbsp; I talk to those who are interested in changing course. & nbsp; I have prepared a Position Outline, about 40 pages, and I ask them to see it. & nbsp;

It is divided into three pillars: & nbsp;

& gt; First: Honest State, because it is our right, & nbsp;

& gt; Second: Cyprus 2035 , because I want to envision the 75 years of our Republic, & nbsp; and & nbsp;

& gt; Third: The Solution benefits us, because only then will our future be secured.

I urge you to read it. & nbsp; It's on the link https://www.achilleas.eu and I look forward to a dialogue on any of these issues. and possibly the entire opposition, have we reached the independent candidacy today?

– You are independent, you do not become suddenly. & nbsp; I have always had independent views and now I have formed the Outline of my Positions. & nbsp; If my name was heard as a possible candidate for a particular formation, that does not change the fact that I was and remain independent. & nbsp; The ferment that is taking place today concerns the parties. & nbsp; My topic is the discussion on the Outline of Positions I have prepared. & nbsp; Measure me in relation to this.

– What do you say to those who claim that in order for a candidate to pass to the second round, he needs the support of a large party or more?

– I think it is worthwhile for an independent to try in the hope that under its program will be supported by many people and of course by one or more parties. I also address a large portion of our fellow citizens who are far away. I hope that they (who are important in number) will study my positions and I will be able to represent at least some of them.

– Will you make it to the second round?

– Nobody knows the future! & nbsp; With the action plan I have organized, the consultation program I have completed (70 meetings and 5 public events), the Outline of Positions I have presented and the Governance Program I am preparing for October, as well as my contacts with parties that want change, create the necessary conditions for me to pass to the second round. & nbsp;

– From whom do you expect support? Can you be the main opposition candidate?

– I do not know how things will turn out. & nbsp; But what I am sure of is that I will be there with my program, regardless of any party support.

– You will have other contacts with the parties after the announcement of your candidacy and with whom ;

– I have sent a letter to present my Outline of Positions to all parliamentary parties except ELAM. & nbsp; On February 25, I met with the general secretary of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou. & nbsp; On March 14 I will have a meeting with the Movement of Ecologists – Citizens' Cooperation. & nbsp; In the meantime, on March 1, I met with the president of DISY, Mr. Averof Neophytou. & nbsp; I am waiting for an answer from DIKO, DIPA and EDEK. I have also sent similar letters to smaller political forces outside Parliament, but also to civil society organizations, on the same logic.

– You have some red lines in your principles for working with someone party; And what are they?

– It is not a matter of drawing red lines. & nbsp; It's a matter of methodology. & nbsp; There are three pillar posts. The first pillar “Honest State” has 21 points, the second “Cyprus 2035” 38 and the third “The Solution is in our interest” 17. & nbsp; Obviously some of them are more important than others. But I would like to get specific views on my positions from anyone and discuss them. & nbsp;

But, if you want an example, it is that I can not accept that I will change my positions for the Federation. & nbsp; In my estimation, Cyprus is sailing steadily towards the rocks of division. & nbsp; Lives with the illusion of security. & nbsp; This situation will not last forever. & nbsp; We need to change course because the dilemma of 2023 will actually be a Federation or a Dichotomy.

– You said that hope was not lost in the Cyprus issue. How will you manage to reverse the data as it has been created? Do you think that Turkey can move from the position of two states? go away. & nbsp; Look at the misguided foreign policy and where it brought us with Varosi. & nbsp; We were told in June 2019 that the opening of the besieged city of Varos was a pre-election firework. & nbsp; In November 2020, Erdogan had a picnic in Varosi and in June 2021 he took part.

The government is still thinking about what to do and how to react to the United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe.

We believe that our most serious problem is the unreliability and inaction of the outgoing Government. It has been 5 years since the last round of negotiations, resulting in a change in the data on the ground – the opening of Varos and the provocative actions of Turkey in our EEZ. Proof of the admission of the failure of the foreign policy of the current government, is the recent desperate attempt to introduce MOE, in order to save Varosi. & nbsp; Foreign policy is built on the basis of strategy and insight and not on reaction to accomplishments. We must go to the European Union and regain our credibility and our lost political capital. Clearing up corruption and joining the EU. & Nbsp; To be part of the solution, not the problem, to make up for what we lost. & Nbsp;

Europe is our umbrella of protection from Turkey and if we handle the process of Turkey's “Positive Agenda” with the European Union properly, we can bring the right result. It is not only us who do not accept our country being cut in two. & nbsp; There is the UN and the EU that support the reunification of our country. & nbsp; There are many European countries that have such secession issues and they do not accept them either. & nbsp;

Turkey will be forced to move from the position for both countries. He took this line, as a maximalist negotiating position. & nbsp; If we look at the way Turkey negotiates, it is reflected in such moves. We can (after studying it properly), deal with it and overthrow it. & nbsp;

In fact, now with the developments regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the decisions of the European Union (of which I remember being a member), we see the strengthening of the common foreign and defense policy. & nbsp; There are opportunities, but you have to be there and you have to be credible to be able to use them to your advantage.

And on this occasion, I want to reiterate my condemnation of the Russian invasion. This is not how countries' differences are resolved. & nbsp; The borders of states are not changed by war and neither international law nor human rights allow this behavior.

There is no excuse for the human suffering and devastation caused by this war. We are watching and anxiously watching and praying for the Ukrainian people to endure the ordeal. > – What is your vision for the Cyprus of tomorrow and how will you realize it?

– We need to clean up corruption, to bring transparency to the state, for the institutions to function properly, for the conflict of interest to go away and for there to be a real desire. This is reflected in the concept of the Honorable State that I am advocating. I want to see ahead. 2035 is the 75th birthday of our Republic. How do we want them to be? How do we want our State to function, the life of the citizens and above all the future of our children? Finally, it is my belief that the solution is in our interest and we must move forward to reach a solution by restarting negotiations so that we can finally have peace, security and prosperity in this country.

– What do you consider to be the most important problems of the Cypriot society today beyond the Cypriot one and how will you deal with them?

– The biggest problem facing society is the unsustainable economic situation and accuracy. People are worried and frustrated. Nevertheless, he tries to take them for a walk. As a State, we must help vulnerable groups cope through a new model of economic growth. The “raptor” state must leave and be replaced by an Honest State, in which private initiative can be developed. The State should supervise the proper implementation of laws and regulations and pursue policies that help develop and attract foreign investment, but also address inequality and promote social justice. The dominant issue here is green growth and the circular economy. Finally, we need the digital transformation in the State with the main goal of serving the citizen immediately. The second issue is corruption, which ultimately has financial costs for each of us. Take for example the reduction of VAT from 19% to 5% in the first home. This was for the young couples, but our newly naturalized fellow citizens took advantage of it, with the result that not only does the European Union threaten us with a lawsuit, but the Cypriot taxpayer loses at least € 300 million in revenue, as estimated. And if this is not enough for us, we will be fined by the EU, which again the Cypriot taxpayer will be asked to pay. This corruption, which, as you can see, affects every citizen, must stop. The Honest State is my answer. Finally, we must resolve the Cyprus issue because it is in our interest and so we will give perspective to this European country, for the good of all Cypriot citizens.

I would place myself in the Center

– Today, when we arrived here, it is not enough to know a candidate, but also the people who will support him. What will they be?

– I think it's too early for a nomenclature. & nbsp; We are 12 months before the elections and at the right time I will make announcements. If you want the names of supporters, look at all the people who came to Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Free Famagusta and the big event we did with the announcement in Nicosia. But do not worry, you will be informed in time after the Governance Program is prepared.

– Where would you place yourself ideologically and politically: Left, Right or Center?

– I would put myself in the center because this is my Education at my job (with human rights) and from my house with Lellos and Olga looking down on us. That's how I learned. & nbsp; My focus is man and solidarity with the one who falls and needs help to stand up again. A staff state that ensures the framework in which citizens and businesses operate. And this together with social justice.

A new way of governing is needed

Achilleas Dimitriadis emphasizes in his outline of positions that he presented that a new way is needed governance. The fight against corruption, as he characteristically states, must be our main goal with the aim of an Honest State that functions in an executive manner, with a program that lays the foundations for a Cyprus with healthy economic and social development.

“At the same time, we should seek a solution to the Cyprus problem by regaining our credibility and aligning ourselves with European interests,” he said, pointing out how the solution benefits us. “The solution is in the interest of all Cypriots,” he said, adding that we should move from a state synonymous with corruption to an honest state: a state of transparency and respect for rules. “With leaders who lead by example.

We can now design our own path.”

The Honorable State, the Cyprus of 2035 and the Solution are in our interest, are the three pillars of the outline of the positions of Achilleas Dimitriadis, for whom he briefly mentions:

ä HONEST STATE: The practices of the outgoing government have damaged the prestige of the country and the dignity of the Cypriot citizen. The decline in corruption indicators is recorded by all reputable international organizations. Cyprus is ranked among the defective democracies according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, with its worst rating in the “government operation” sector. This reality must change with plan and determination. A modern state means that the citizen is at the center. Fast, quality and equal service! Honest State: the basic condition for operation

ä CYPRUS 2035: Cyprus is moving into the 21st century. Independence in 1960 and accession to the European Union in 2004 are its greatest achievements. 2035 completes 75 years of progress. We now need the Strategy that will make us a modern state, in line with the EU's highest levels of development in the areas of security, prosperity, democracy and human rights. i. To take advantage of the great potential of our people ii. To modernize the state and institutions iii. To make use of our participation in the EU and the international experience that suits us and thus, iv. To become an open, modern, European state with a sustainable economy. v. With balanced development and social sensitivity

ä OUR SOLUTION IS INTERESTING: The Cyprus problem remains open for decades. The coup and the invasion and the accomplishments that followed, show that our constant pursuit must be its solution, in order to live in conditions of peace, security and cooperation. Cyprus's accession to the EU offers the opportunity to claim the solution that is in line with European interests and to take advantage of additional advantages.

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