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Achilleas Dimitriadis: “The appointment of Mavrogiannis as Permanent Representative to the UN is illegal for 5 months” (audio)

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From February 15, 2019 to June 24, 2019, the appointment of Mr. Andreas Mavrogiannis as Permanent Representative in New York was against the law and this was said by the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs on July 11, he said on the radio. 107.6 and 97.6 of the independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic Achilles Demitriadis.

Representative at the United Nations is in conflict with Article 3 of the Law on the Greek Cypriot Community Negotiator, as Mr. Mavrogiannis was also a negotiator and Permanent Representative. “

Asked why he referred to this issue after the decision of the Central Committee of AKEL and not before, Mr. Demitriadis answered that this was not in the topic of yesterday's press conference for Europe. “This,” he said, “came from questions from journalists about irrational privileges and an honest state, and I answered about double positions. The issue that arises is that this finding of the Minister of Foreign Affairs was made then and then they proceeded to create a law by order in July 2019 to close this issue “.

Asked to comment on the reactions of citizens who spoke for bitterness on his part due to the decision of the Central Committee to proceed with Andreas Mavrogiannis, Mr. Demitriadis said that was not the purpose of yesterday's conference and repeated the questions of journalists about the honest state that was called to answer. p>

The negotiator

Regarding the criticism he leveled at Andreas Mavrogiannis for his role as a negotiator, Mr. Dimitriadis said that the law says that the negotiator throughout his appointment receives instructions and guidance for the exercise of his responsibilities from the President of the Republic. “If,” he added, “you do not accept these instructions and do not agree with the manipulations, then you resign and leave.”

He went on to say that “I consider the triad of President Anastasiadis, the Foreign Minister and the negotiator as the main ones responsible for the situation we have today in the Cyprus issue. I am not convinced by the argument that the negotiator resigned three times and failed to leave on an issue that has to do with the division of our country. “

Asked if he realizes that with these critical statements he closes the door in cooperation with AKEL, at a time when there are strong reactions within the party base, Mr. Dimitriadis answered that he fully respects the procedures and the people of AKEL. “I have nothing to share with all these people and I thank them for the support they offer me and I respect that. But I do not accept the corrupt Anastasiadis government sending its political child and telling us that this is the change “.

Achilles Demitriadis reiterated his criticism of the handling of the Cyprus issue, blaming the President, the Foreign Minister and the negotiator. He clarified, however, that the negotiator is not responsible for economic policy and passports. “He is responsible”, as he said, “for the Cyprus issue and Varosi”.

Asked to comment on the criticism he receives for his legal approach in Varosi and an attempt to resolve a political issue by appealing to the “Real Estate Committee” based in the occupied territories, the ECtHR, etc., where he will have the same financial benefit, the Mr. Dimitriadis replied that there are 7 thousand appeals, of which not even 340 did not take over his law firm. “Not even 5% of the applications were submitted by us, the other 95% who manages it and why are they afraid to speak?”, He asked.

He then defended the legal issue, saying there would be no property without this aspect. He even reminded Denktash's theory of “we from here, you from there and pay the difference”. The only reason, he added, “where there is property is the legal positions, as some call them. The Cyprus issue will not be resolved in the courts. He who says this does not understand anything about the Cyprus issue. But on the other hand, if you do not have the solid foundation of human rights, on which to build your legal position to claim political compromise, you are not doing the right preparation and negotiation, because the rule of law is what will save us. in Europe “.

Asked how to put Turkey back on the rails of a bi-zonal bi-communal federation dialogue with political equality, Mr. Demitriadis replied that “we must regain our credibility in the EU and the UN, because we are unreliable and they do not take us seriously.” As a second point, he stated that we should join the EU, “whose umbrella of protection will avoid the two countries that are the main problem”.

Presidential scenarios

Asked to comment on who he will support in the second round of the presidential election if he does not pass, he replied that he will have to decide with the group of people who are strengthening his pre-election effort what they will do and depending on who has passed in the second round. will take place. “The way”, he added, “that we will take a position will be that, at least for the Cyprus issue and for other positions that exist in the program and are registered from February 28 of the new year, we will negotiate as defined by our political system, with priority the Cyprus issue “.

Listen to the position of the independent candidate for the presidency of the Republic Achilleas Dimitriadis, in the” Morning Inspection “broadcast by Politis 107.6 & amp; 97.6:

Source: politis.com.cy

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