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Achilles Dimitriadis took the step to the ballot box – He announced his independent candidacy for the presidential elections of '23

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Faced with the need for change because “Cyprus deserves better”, lawyer Achilles Demitriadis announced last night in Nicosia his independent candidacy for the 2023 presidential elections.

Achilles Demitriadis which he presented to the society, entered the pre-election process last night, after many months of communication and contact with organized groups, party leaders, trade unions, experts and wider personalities and other social partners from the civil society.

“Let hope return”

The well-known lawyer appeared in his speech in front of a large gathering of his supporters ready to help return hope to our homeland. As he noted, he is “one of the many who work for the return of hope in Cyprus, especially in this period of deadlocks at all levels. Whether it concerns the Cyprus issue, or corruption, meritocracy, or the modernization of society, or the economy and social cohesion. In his speech-announcement for his independent candidacy, Mr. Dimitriadis noted that he has the strength and the plan to meet the expectations of the citizens to rediscover our hope and dignity: “I want to clean our country from corruption. “I want to give it a perspective with a horizon of 2035. I want to solve the Cyprus problem because the solution is in our interest”, he stressed.

The outline of positions

A. Dimitriadis presented his “Outline of Positions” for a progressive government that will get Cyprus out of the current deadlocks, corruption, unworthiness and unreliability. “This is not the Cyprus we deserve, nor the one we want for our children,” he said, noting also the “collapse of the game with East Med and the danger of losing Varosi and Cyprus falling on the rocks of division.” .

A. Demitriadis stressed that he believes in the strength of the Cypriot people, his stubbornness and his belief in progress: “As Cyprus has achieved a lot in difficult conditions, so it can succeed now: with hope, with clear proposals, with feasible and feasible suggestions… »

Developing its positions on Three Pillars & # 8211; “Honest State”, “Cyprus 2035”, “The solution is in our interest” & # 8211; A. Demitriadis, expressed the belief that “progressive change is in our hands to unite our island, to modernize the state and institutions and to become an open, modern, European state with balanced development for the benefit of many”./p>

The “Honest State”

Mr. Demitriadis, referring to the “honest state”, noted that the current image of mismanagement and corruption must end. What Cyprus needs is a clear strategy that will make it a modern state in line with the highest levels of development of the EU. On this basis, it laid the main axes of the “Honest State”. Such axes are the need to end opacity, the need to have exemplary leaders, the separation of state and party, the real Pothen Esches and a number of other issues concerning the need for the functioning of institutions and justice. The presidential candidate also argued that a “new model of economic development with social sensitivity should be sought.” Role of the state, support of private initiative “.

” The solution is in our interest “

Through the main pillars of politics, Mr. Demitriadis reflects his vision for the solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of the Bi-Zonal Bicommunal Federation with political equality, which is in line with the European acquis, while we should work on the basis of his “Six points”. Frame Kounders. “The game was not lost for the solution,” he noted. “Because the solution will give after half a century a free, united, common homeland for all Cypriots, without occupation troops.” Achilles Demitriadis ended his speech by setting the electoral dilemma for 2023: “The time has come for big decisions: will the wall of separation determine our lives? Or will we change things? In the face of fear to put hope. To put strength together against the ego. “

At the beginning of his speech, Achilles Demitriadis condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, emphasizing that “what is happening concerns us all and we must react.” He announced that in his Politburo, he is receiving humanitarian aid for Ukraine in supplies and clothing.

AKEL consultations with DIKO

A few hours after the announcement of the independent candidacy of Achilleas Dimitriadis, Stefanos Stefanou and Nikolas Papadopoulos start their consultations today in the context of their cooperation in the presidential elections in less than a year. Stefanos Stefanou and Nikolas Papadopoulos will try to record the common parameters of a future cooperation without suffocating from the time frames but at the same time without letting the advent of time falsify the positions of the two parties regarding the search for a common candidate for the presidential elections. From what has been said and leaked, it seems that AKEL:

  • He will send the message that he will do what is necessary for cooperation to change the governance of the place but this should not be perceived by his interlocutors as a failure to negotiate and a search for a common candidate.

The AKEL will clarify that if the party leaders are not excluded from the whole discussion on the nomenclature, then there will be a risk of a deadlock in the negotiations. Publicly, of course, he puts this condition in a mild way, noting that “the dialogue would have been more productive if there had not been the dilemma of the candidacy of one of the party leaders.

Based on this reasoning, he will be ready to listen to proposals from DIKO, regardless of the proposals submitted by the same party.

For his part, Nikolas Papadopoulos understands the extent and magnitude of the persistence of the principle in his own candidacy will be a key point for the very course of the negotiation

He will seek from the beginning to outline, as he did in public, the basic characteristics of a candidacy that the party decisions of the recent conference of DIKO.

He will note that the party believes that despite the differences that exist in the Cyprus issue with AKEL the possibilities to find it are great, and that they should be guided by the practices of cooperation of the two parties in the past which (collaborations) gave Presidents of the Republic . {Bullet}

They told Averof-Marinos

Meanwhile, yesterday the presidential candidate Averof Neophytou had a meeting with the President of EDEK Marino Sizopoulos during during which, as they both noted, there was an exchange of views and the presidential election. After the meeting, the President of EDEK expressed the assessment that it is still too early for his party to take any decisions. For his part, Averof Neophytou said that the two men also spoke about the internal issues that are going on, such as the reforms in the Local Government, we exchanged views and we can not hide that we also spoke about the Presidential Elections with known positions of the two parties “.

Source: politis.com.cy

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