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ACTA: What the Consumers' Association says about organized travel is unfounded

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ACTA: What the Consumers' Association says about organized travel is unfounded

The Association of Tour Operators of Cyprus (ACTA) characterizes as unfounded, unacceptable and provocative what is contained in an announcement dated February 15 of the Cyprus Consumers Association (KSK) regarding organized travel and the role of ACTA.

“In an attempt to impose its views, the KSC is misinterpreting the law and asking the Ministry of Commerce to amend it according to its own tastes and purposes,” ACTA said in a statement today, dismissing it as “arbitrary, erroneous”. but also misleading the claim of the KSC that the law “photographs” itself “.

It states that “the law provides a broad analysis of the requirements required to be met in order to be approved ΄a company, association, association, foundation, association or association of tour operators, sellers and travel agents'.”

He also states that “the law ensures the smooth operation of the travel market, is a shield for consumers and ACTA respects it with reverence and impeccable professionalism.”

“The requirement of the KSC to be reduced to an Approved Body for the control of travel organizers is dangerous as it has neither the know-how nor the experience to manage such specialized issues,” he added.

In addition, ACTA states that he and his members “always comply with applicable law and always ensure the protection of travelers and adds that” the values of guarantees are determined by a specific, approved procedure under the law and is not an arbitrary decision of the of any “.

He also said that the KSC's claim, “he adds, that the state itself contributes to corruption because it does not meet its ethical and unjustified demands for amendment of the legislation” is illogical.

ACTA states that an Association with history, credibility and prestige and will not tolerate this type of sabotage and adds that “the tourism sector is so important to the local economy, that it does not lend itself to populism and misinformation.”

“Taking into account the above, he reiterates that he applies the Law legally and with an absolute sense of responsibility but also with the highest level of professionalism and absolute respect for the Citizen and the Consumer, all his legal rights “, he concludes.

Source: KYPE

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