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Activities are categorized based on risk – The Minister decides next Thursday

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The Council of Ministers is going to approve next Thursday the categorization of various activities, depending on their risk, and what will be requested in these areas, said Dr. Petros Karagiannis to KYPE, noting that the when it will take effect will be decided by the Ministry.

Having two major relaxations in a short period of time, we must give some time to see what the impact will be on the epidemiological picture, said Dr. Karagiannis, member of the Advisory Scientific Committee (SEE), Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Virology at the University School of Medicine. Nicosia.

Asked about the next step regarding relaxations and when the relaxations that came into effect on Monday are expected to be evaluated, Dr. Karagiannis said that the relaxations that were announced last week came into effect yesterday and yesterday the protocol that will be perfected valid for the next ten days in places where dancing will be allowed.

“From next Monday, our airports will now operate under different conditions in terms of passenger arrivals, ie PCR will no longer be required upon arrival if they are fully vaccinated. Therefore, having two such great relaxations in a short period of time we must give some time to see what will be the impact on the epidemiological picture. That is why the announcement of the Ministry of Health says that the current measures will be in force until March 15 and in the meantime we will start discussing other possible relaxations if the epidemiological picture allows it “, he added.

Asked what other possible relaxations we are expected to see, Dr. Karagiannis said that “I would not say relaxations. “I would say, it is the categorization of the various activities according to their risk and what will be required in these areas. An effort is being made to simplify all this and put it on a table, which is a point of reference for both citizens and employers and anyone else. This will probably go to the Council of Ministers next Thursday for approval. “When it will take effect, but when it will take effect, will be decided by the Council of Ministers”, he noted.

At the moment, Dr. Karagiannis continued, we still have quite high numbers of cases on a daily basis.

“Fortunately, the tough indicators we are looking at, which are hospitalization and intubation, have fallen to lower levels than they had three, four weeks ago. “I believe that if we continue to have Omicron in the community, which seems to have prevailed to a large extent now, those who will need treatment will be relatively few in number,” he added.

Dr. Karagiannis said that he believes that the situation will be manageable, “unless of course with our behavior we significantly worsen it.”

“There is room, I do not see a way back in terms of measures. Therefore, we must help the situation by implementing self-protection measures, something that has been taken away from other countries and is currently experiencing an exacerbation. “If we behave responsibly in the next period, ie the next two to three weeks, then there will be further relaxations and we will be more carefree towards the end of March”, he concluded.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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