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Adamantidis to the prosecutor – “Welcome the children”, he told the journalists (video)

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Στονει σαγγελeα ο Αδαμαντiδης – «Βρε κ&alpha and lambda; ;ιογραφους (βΙντεο)


To the prosecutor where Themis Adamantidis is at this time as his partner filed a complaint against him for beating.

The singer upon his arrival in Evelpidon, shortly after 12, addressed the journalists with an ironic tone saying to them “Hey, welcome kids”.

In fact, to a journalist's question “how was your night in detention”, the singer replied “as was yours and better”.



The well-known singer is expected to give an explanation to the prosecutor.

“He was pathologically jealous of my face”: What his partner testified Themi Adamantidis

According to what the woman testified, the scene that led her to appeal to EL.AS is as follows:

“I am the partner of Adamantidis Themistocles and we have been living together in Glyfada for about a year. At 1:30 a.m. on June 30, 2022, we were both at play OPAP in Ano Glyfada on Gounari Street. I was outside the store in the owner's car, which was parked right outside the store. The above was inside the store playing games of chance. I was in the car alone for about 2 hours waiting for him.


Στονει σαγγελeα ο Αδαμαντiδης – «Βρε κ&alpha and lambda; ;ιογραφους (βΙντεο)


< p>Sometime around 1:30, I got out of the car, I was right outside, I was on my cell phone on the messenger app. As soon as he saw me talking on the phone, he came out in a rage and physically and verbally abused me. In particular he pulled me by the hair, slapped me in the face and kicked me, hard in my hip. At the same time he threatened me with the phrase “car…., put…, fuck…, gam…., you spoil me, I will kill you”. She also accused me of flirting with the taxi driver across the street, which is completely false.

He has always been pathologically jealous of me and treats me badly all the time. He has used physical violence against me many times in the past. He is constantly violently pushing me, hitting me with his hands, punching my arms, slapping me, and throwing objects at me about every other day.

He once threw a lighter in my mouth when we were at his dressing room in Patras in front of his colleagues. Almost every day he abuses me, with the phrases “car…., put…” and when we are alone but also in public in the shop that sings. Several times in the past he has kicked me in public.

Source: protothema.gr


Themis Adamantidis: “He slapped me, kicked me, he threatened me…” – The singer was arrested


Themis Adamantidis was arrested for beating his partner

Source: politis.com.cy

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