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AEK also takes a position for the definition of a foreigner only in one semifinal

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After Ethnikos, AEK (s.s. announcement was also issued by its fans) reacted to the appointment of a foreign referee in the match Anorthosis-Omonia, but not in their own game.

The announcement:

“Once again we are forced to take a stand on refereeing issues and specifically the decision to appoint a foreign referee and VAR only in one Cup semifinal match. We really want to ask a reasonable question and ask ourselves the rationale for this decision. If Mr. Mazic can give us an answer to the question why he was chosen to referee a foreign referee only in one semifinal and not both.

From the moment it is decided to appoint a foreign referee in the semi-final match of the Anorthosis-Omonia Cup it would be self-evident to have a corresponding definition in the semi-final match of our team against the National Achnas.

Two matches with the same importance and significance, from the moment the presence in a final is judged and yet some decide to separate them and selectively appoint a foreign referee in only one. Foreign referee and VAR in one semifinal, Cypriot referee and VAR in the other, it is probably a world & # 8230; innovation.

We remind all the fans of our firm position that when deciding the descent of foreign referees or foreign VAR this should be done in all games without exception and not to choose some “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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