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AEK-Apollon: The latest on the outcome and the process

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AEK-Apollon: The latest on the outcome and the process

The communication advisor of the Ministry of Health, Konstantinos Athanassiou, spoke about the case with the samples of the two players of AEK (Rosales and Akoran) on SPOR FM 95.0, noting among many others that the results from their examination by the Institute of Neurology and Genetics expected at the end of next week.

In detail what he said:

“The results are expected within the next week. A conclusion will be prepared and the results will be announced through the conclusion by the end of next week. An exact date can not be said from now on. “Results will probably emerge on Thursday or Friday and then the result will be prepared.”

He further stressed the following regarding the process that takes some days: “Regarding the research in chemistry and the process that was followed, the research has been completed, but further analysis and processing of the samples by the reference Institute of the Ministry of Health which is Neurology and Genetics . It takes a process that takes a few days. Let's be patient because it takes time to determine if there has been a breach of health protocol. “Investigations are underway following the instructions from the Ministry of Health and the processing of samples and the platform where the data is registered”.

If correct some subjected to analyzes by other chemistry or medical centers when “thetikopoiithoun” he replied: “someone identified positive can not be allowed move and examined in other chemistry or medical centers, but when questioned the results are given to verify Directive or confirmation of the result through further analyzes “.

If there was an intervention from the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, in order to intensify the process, he said: “I do not know anything if there was an intervention of the PD. The Ministry of Health wants there to be a result in time. “Guidelines were given.”

If there will be any changes in the Health Protocol, something that has been done with health professionals and if it will apply to the wider society: “The protocol is in force. Any changes need to be made, the Government has indicated that it is taking appropriate action. There are targeted measures. There has already been a shift in protocol for the rest of society, but the results and the current state of health do not allow us to do so. The reason it happened to health professionals is because it had to. “It was done to return to their function earlier and meaning that they are examined and 'negative', through the examinations they undergo after they get sick and come out of a five-day quarantine” .

On the use of masks in the stadiums: “The inspections in the stadiums will be intensified. The KOP was also instructed to inform that there was no suggestion for tightening the measures, but through his letter the Minister of Health requested that the measures be observed and that they come to the stadium with a mask, so that there is no spread of the virus “.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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