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AEK: Farmaki…

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The team drank the bitter cup of defeat again

ΑΕΚ: ΦαρμΑκι...

Inferior to the circumstances presented once again in this season the AEK, which was defeated by APOEL 0-3 at the “Arena”. A game which once again brings the Ultra team face to face with the bitter glass of failure.

AEK did not start the game badly. On the contrary, the high pressure early on created some conditions, while it looked like the team that was closer to a goal. But at the same time, despite the good conditions, the huge final chance was absent and as time passed, APOEL gained yards.

As happened several times this year, today the defensive gaps made their presence felt and the result was APOEL through a set-piece (with a combination) to open the scoring in the 26th minute of the match. With the pass to Ziefte, Marquinios brought AEK's defense off balance, and when the ball came out in the heart of the area, the markers were lost, resulting in Chebak winning the header alone in front of the goal.

In the following minutes, the Oltra team showed some signs of recovery, culminating in the opportunity at 45+3' and the wonderful combination, Dimers – Tonkia, which brought the latter into a shooting position in the area without, however, reaching the goal.

At halftime, Oltra had a lot to say to his players. A few gaps in the defense, a little lack of clarity in the last third of the opponent, it was clear that something had to change.

However, the start of the second half found AEK conceding another goal. A phase in which the defense was caught napping again. Everything started with Crespo who broke AEK's pressing by giving the ball to Chebak. The Oltra players complained about a foul, with the referee pointing out that there was nothing. Despite this fact, the AEK players continued to protest, causing them to lose their concentration. Vigiafanes received a ball in the area and between three players he found the space to give to Markinios who scored 0-2 with a shot.

Somewhere there was a finale. The AEK players were mentally drained and this was clearly visible on the field. The icing on the cake came in the 61st minute when, after several passes exchanged by the APOEL players, Ziefte found himself in a position for a ball in the area, which he did and Garcia, in his attempt to catch Edogala, sent the ball into Pirtis' net.

Now at AEK they have no other choice but to look in the mirror. The team shows several weaknesses which it should immediately correct if it wants to catch the train of the six. Certainly the five points can be covered in the 16 games remaining until the end of the regular season, but for that to happen the picture will have to change. If this happens immediately, then the year is in danger of ending too soon.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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