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AEL landed Paphos (4-0 against APOEL), throwing four

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AEL landed Paphos (4-0 against APOEL), throwing four

AEL started the new year in an absolutely ideal way, beating Paphos 4-0 in Tsirio, which landed abnormally after the enthusiasm from the four (4-0) against APOEL in the league premiere. The Paphites also have complaints from the referee and specifically for a canceled goal when the score was at 1-0.

Let's start from the beginning. The blue and yellows entered the match with a goal, as just in the 8th minute, ποepovi,, after a nice shot by Medojeviτς, made the one-piece shot, sending the ball into Routko's net for 1-0. The Serbian striker continued from where he stayed last year, showing his executive ability, in the 37th minute he scored his second personal goal, making it 2-0.

Previously, of course, Paphos had scored with Kovacevic receiving the ball after Aurelio's sliding ball and sent it into the net with a shot, but after VAR intervention the goal was canceled due to the scorer's hand. A decision that was challenged by the guests.

In the second half, Paphos was looking for solutions to return to claiming a point gain, but early – in the 50th minute – Euler put his name on the scoreboard, raising the score to 3-0.

Now, things took their course, with the Paphos team not finding ways to become particularly threatening for the home of Keravnos, who was chosen by Dusan Kerkez instead of Vozinias, who was judged to be on the bench after his obligations. with his National.

On the contrary, AEL was the one that managed to give greater dimensions to its victory, when in 75 'Euler with a smart ball gave the opportunity to Mazurek, shortly after entering the field, with a header to write the final 4-0 .

The evolution of the struggle

75 ′ – GOAL. 4-0. Wonderful goal for AEL. Euler crosses nicely, finds Mazurek who sends the ball into the net with a header

63 ′ – Quinta with a heel went to surprise, in the hands of Lightning the ball

58 ' – Panic's shot over the crossbar

50 '- GOAL. 3-0. AEL expands its lead in favor, with Euler as the perpetrator this time

Start of the second half

End of the first half

37′- GOAL. 2-0. Cross by Euler, Pelé went down but could not finish the phase, with the ball reaching ποepovi που who with a shot defeated Rutko for the second time

35 ′ – THE GOAL WAS ACCEPTED. After the intervention of the VAR, the goal for the hand is canceled by the scorer

33 ′ – GOAL. 1-1. Aurelio made a sliding ball towards the area of AEL, the ball reached Kovacevic who with an ideal place sent it to the nets of Keravnos

28′- Panic's head above the beams

8 ′ – GOAL. 1-0.With an amazing goal by Cepovic, AEL takes an early lead. The Serb fired a one-piece shot at Medojevic's ball

1΄- Start of the match

AEL (Dusan Kerkez): Keravno, Teixeira, Ristevski, Medojevic (80 ′ Reynolds), Davor, Santos, Riera (65 άζ Mazurek), Mazan, Pelé (65 ′ Georgiou), Torres (18 Τ), Torres (18,) Adonis)

Paphos (Darko Milanic): Rutko, Quinta, Zaire, Abdusalamov (62 ′ Semedo), Aurelio, Mikhail (79 ′ Pagic), Valakari (62 ′ Fur), Panic (75 τρά Dragomir), Baric, Panace, Koce Berigo)

SCORERS: 8 ′, 37 ′ ποepovi,, 50 ′ Euler, 75 ′ Mazurek

YELLOWS: Santos, 26 ′ Ristefski, 61 ′ Riera

Referee: Neokleous Nikolas
First Assistant Referee: Sotiriou Michalis
Second Assistant Referee: Kalogirou Marios
4th Referee: Antoniou Menelaos
VAR: Theouli Chrysovalantis
AVAR: Marinou Michalis
Observer: Gerasimou Panagiotis

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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