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AEL: Sofo's “hole”, the car, “Lucky Yellow” and historical appearances

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The plans announced by the Limassol team

ΑΕΛ: H «τρύπα» του Σοφο, το αυτο κiνητο, το «Lucky Yellow» και οι ιστορικeς ε&mu φανiσεις

A Press Conference was held by the Management of AEL with the aim of presenting actions and actions that were planned from the beginning of the season and are part of the strategy of the Board of Directors and the Marketing Department.

These moves are part of the overall actions to increase the Union's income and financial support, with the aim of covering a small part of the financial outstandings that have arisen, and are outside this year's budget.

The press conference was held in the conference room of “ALPHAMEGA Stadium”.

Introduction – Avraam Ploutis – AEL Communication Manager

“On behalf of the President, the Board of Directors and the staff of the Limassol Sports Union, I welcome you to our press conference today. I greet the friendly representatives of the Media for their presence and their constant support and cooperation. I also greet all AEL friends who follow us online and on the radio.

With us here today is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis, we will hear from him shortly about his own greeting. Next to me on the panel, the member of the Board of Directors and Head of the Marketing Department Mr. Andreas Georgiou and the Officer of the Marketing and Sales Department Mrs. Raphaela Stylianou.

With us and Representatives from the AEL Fans' Association and we sincerely thank SYFAEL for its long-term support to the Association and especially in this difficult and important competitive year. We also welcome the presence of the AEL Veteran Footballers Club for their help and support.

We are here today to announce actions and actions, which have been planned since the beginning of the season and are part of the strategy of the Board of Directors and the Marketing Department.

These moves are part of the overall actions to increase the Union's income and financial support, with the aim of covering a small part of the financial outstandings that have arisen, and are outside of this year's budget.


Today we are addressing the world of AEL to give the opportunity to those who want and are able to support and embrace this effort”.

Greetings Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis – Chairman of the Board of Directors AEL

“Six months have passed since the day we took over the management of the football department of our Association. Six months of hard daily work and effort. You are very well aware of the circumstances under which we undertook and the manner in which the management of the football department came to the Association and there is no need for us to repeat it again and again.

When there was no other interested party and the previous management did not respond to our call for contacts and negotiations, we received the popular mandate from the General Assembly and the great burden of responsibility. From day one, our goals have been clear and we are honest with the world of AEL.

To create those conditions, where there will be financial health in our Union, so that any administration or anyone interested can lead AEL to the next day. Our daily meaning is the survival of our Association, the reduction of debts, the smooth and professional operation of the football department.

We understand the people's disappointment with the match results and the team's progress in the league, however this cannot erase the work and the work that has been done so far in these six months. With the correct and methodical work, the best results will come and our competitive image will improve. Miracles don't happen overnight. In these six months, we are trying to meet this year's football team budget. We found before us big contracts and a big budget.

With the hard and methodical work of the members of the Board of Directors and the experienced staff that our team has, we made adjustments to the contracts and they were reduced by 700,000 euros. Football players, coaches and staff are paid, without much delay. In addition to covering the budget so far, we have paid 850,000 euros which was the responsibility of the previous management.

We have invested over 200,000 euros in improvement projects and facilities. New store at the Alphamega stadium, upgrading and renovation of the changing rooms at Alphamega, creating a pre-heater here on the field for the football players, upgrading the gym at our training center, purchasing equipment and various other things to improve the daily operation of the team.< /p>

A total of one million euros so far, outside of this year's budget. Gentlemen, I want to be clear. Without the old backlogs and debts of the previous administration, we would not be here today to proclaim economic progress. Without all of this, our budget would be much bigger and things for our team would be much better. 850 thousand that have already been paid and about the same amount that will arise until the end of the season. 150 thousand euros for the transfer embargo concerning the Sis case and this from last year. 2 million almost in prepaid television, as a result of which we have reduced income every month from television.

A total of more than three million euros. Will someone tell me, you didn't know all this? Yes we knew them.

And we are here to help our Union, to reduce the debt, to solve problems, to create those conditions that need to be created so that the next day , in the coming years, any management and/or any interested party to find the right and healthy foundations to be able to create that strong and competitive team, as each of us AELISTS dreams of.

So far, we feel satisfied with the work done by both the Board of Directors and the Staff, at the financial, operational and organizational level. And we will continue our daily effort.

We are here today, to announce to you ways in which every AELIST, every friend of our Association, everyone who cares and loves AEL, he will be able to help this great effort.

Everyone as much as they can and as much as they want.

AEL is everyone's business. All together we can create conditions for better days to come for our AEL. Personally and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I call on the people of our team, each one to offer their own small stone to cover a part of the debts that we have found before us.

We as the Board of Directors promise that we are not going to put our Association in financial adventures and we are not going to make mistakes of the past that will burden our Association with more debts. We are not going to break partnerships with footballers who will cause financial damage to the Club.

And since you will ask I am sure the team will be strengthened by transfer in January, and we will try to implement the recommendations of our coach, who is the absolute responsible for the competitive part, always within the framework of our financial possibilities.

In closing, I would like to express our warmest thanks to the people of our team, to SYFAEL for their great support and help to our Association. We also thank the Veteran Footballers' Association for their own support and individually many friends of our team who are close to the administration and support us in various ways.

I also thank all the Members of the Board of Directors as well as the members of the committees of all departments of AEL. A big thank you also to our sponsors, our supporters who are an important part of the AEL family. I am sure that everyone will also embrace these actions of ours”

Andreas Georgiou – Member of the Board of Directors and Head of the Marketing Department

“Today, we are here for to present three important initiatives aimed at the financial support of the football department of our beloved club but also to give back to our beloved friends and fans.

Since the Association took over the management of the football department, i.e. only five and a half months ago, we started with the team staff and especially the marketing department to set up the actions that we will present to you today.

< p>Here I would like to mention that in addition to the actions we have taken so far such as finding strategic sponsors and supporters, the opening of the new AEL store at the Alfa Mega stadium, the enrichment of our official products to an unprecedented extent for AEL, the kids organization day for our little friends, the organization of important social responsibility actions, and yet, in our plan from the beginning there were also the specific three actions that we will see today.

Furthermore, we continue to work and possibly other pioneering actions will follow in the near future.

So for the specific actions, taking into account all the parameters, we came to the conclusion that with the main axis of the trust, with which the world has surrounded what we have done so far, we will succeed in financially strengthening our Association which both needs it and to give the broad mass of our world the opportunity to participate, taking something back or having fun with it.

As a marketing department, we have been working since the beginning of the season on these initiatives, and we are really happy to now be able to introduce them to you.

We hope that the world will embrace these initiatives with the same enthusiasm that we had creating them.

So these initiatives are as follows:

The release of a contribution coupon worth €50 with a great gift of a 2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback, a generous offer from the company Frantzis Motors, for which we are very grateful. The release of a €2 scratch-off lottery ticket called Lucky Yellow. The release of the most historic jersey of our AEL, a faithful copy of the first jersey of 1930 which was honored by our founders and which will be an ornament in the home of 1930 AELISTS who will have time to acquire it.

< p>Before I give the floor to “Rafaela”, the sales officer of our football department, who will explain in detail each initiative I want to congratulate all the guys in the team offices for the great job they do. Although the time period in which we are here is very short, the results of their hard work are evident.

Furthermore, I would like to remind the friends of AEL, that beyond of specific actions that we present today, can help our association financially in other ways as well. For example:

  1. By purchasing official AEL products.

In our 2 stores there is an abundance of products, new winter arrivals and beautiful options for Elistika Christmas gifts for friends and relatives.

  1. By registering as members in our association.

The Members of our Association have the right to participate equally in the General Assemblies, to express themselves through the General Assembly and to vote in favor or in the minority on issues put to a vote.

  1. By purchasing a ticket and being present at the stadium.

Rafaela Stylianou – Marketing and Sales Department Officer

Contribution coupon

«One lucky person will win the luxurious Mercedes A Class of 2019, kindly sponsored by the company Frantzis Motors, to which we are very grateful for this offer. After the press conference you will be able to buy your 50 euro ticket either:

–          Electronic via our website

At AEL OFFICIAL SHOPS, at the stadium and in Agia Zoni

–         In all the MMS booths (in the next few days) for which we thank you very much

–          In the VIP BOXES

–          In the cash registers of the pitch in all home games.

The draw will take place before Easter at a home game of our team.

Let us emphasize that the draw will take place live in front of the AEL crowd in the presence of the company Frantzis Motors, and in fact on the same day the winner will be able to pick up the car that will be at the stadium!

Our second action is LUCKY YELLOW

The scratch card of our team, which will be available for 2 euros. In the first batch that will be released around the end of January, you will be able to win rich gifts, among others:

–          Airline tickets, an offer from TOP KINISIS For which we thank you very much. em>

–          Wristwatches from our new sponsor Zacharias Jewellery

–          AEL Products

–          Match Tickets in VIP SUITES and VIP BOXES and more

Lucky Yellow will be available:

At AEL OFFICIAL SHOPS, at the stadium and in Agia Zoni

–         At all MMS kiosks

–          At VIP BOXES

–          At the stadium box office at all home games.

A related announcement will be made at a later stage .

The third and very important action for us, since it has emotional value, is the release of the most historic jersey of AEL.

This is the first official jersey of our football team. We will make available 1930 pieces which are faithful copies of – to the extent permitted –

All jerseys will be numbered and there will be the possibility to allocate a specific number, i.e. upon purchase of the jersey you will be able to choose the number you want.

Let us clarify that each shirt will be available only once, and will be sold in collector's packaging for the attractive amount of 70 euros.

It will be available:


–          And online

The shirt will be released around the end of February and at a later stage a relevant announcement will be made.

Let's say that with us is a delegation of SYFAEL and we thank them. It has been decided by the Marketing department to give the historic shirt with the number 3 to SYFAEL.

Also, with us is a delegation from the Paleimahon Club: Pavlos Savva, George Anastasiou and Mikis Michael whom we especially thank for supporting us once again. It is our decision to give the group its first historic jersey.

As I said at the beginning, for the last 6 months we have been working on all the actions you have seen so far. In order for these actions to be crowned with success, the great world of our AEL must support us”.

Dimitris Frantzis – Executive Director Frantzis Motors

“Good morning to everyone,

O Frantzis group of companies, but more specifically as a family we feel the obligation and the need to contribute as we can in the efforts of each administration for a strong and successful AEL.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Franzis group of companies this year, we wanted to support the team even more practically, and for this reason we proceeded to sponsor a used Mercedes-Benz A -CLASS of 2019 which one lucky person can win by buying our AEL support flags.

Wanting to give an extra incentive to the AEL world , we decided that each voucher can also be used as a discount coupon worth 50 euros for repairs at the Authorized Mercedes-Benz G workshop. Frantzis Motorservices but also as a discount coupon worth 500 euros for the purchase of a car from the G company. Frantzis Motors.

In closing, it is with great joy and pride that we proceed with this sponsorship to our beloved AEL and we hope that this initiative will be embraced by everyone.

Good luck to those who support the effort and Happy Holidays to everyone with health and happiness”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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