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Afghanistan: TV presenters who disobeyed Taliban order finally covered their faces

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The TV presenters of the biggest TV channels in Afghanistan appeared today in the air with their faces covered, following the order of the Taliban after they had defied it yesterday.


Since returning to power last year, the Taliban have imposed a series of restrictions on society, much of which are aimed at subjugating women to their own strict ideology of Islam.

Earlier this month, the Taliban's top leader issued an order requiring women to have their entire body publicly covered, including the face, preferably a burqa, a full-body veil with only one opening. at the height of the eyes.

Previously, a scarf covering the hair was enough.

They resisted

The infamous Afghan Ministry of Virtue and Prevention of Corruption had ordered TV presenters to cover their faces from yesterday Saturday.

Women journalists initially chose not to obey this order appearing in the air without hiding their faces.

But today the presenters wore the full veil, leaving only their eyes and forehead visible, for to present the news on TOLOnews, Shamshad TV and 1TV.

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“We resisted and we were against” the burqa, TOLOnews presenter Sonia Niazi told AFP.

“But TOLOnews succumbed “Under the pressure of the Taliban, he said that all presenters who appear on television without covering their faces should look for another job,” he said.

“There is no other solution”

The director of TOLOnews, Hpolwak Sapai, stated that the network was “forced” to implement the order for its staff.

“We were told: you are obliged to You are doing it. You have to do it. “There is no other solution,” Sapai told AFP.

“They called me yesterday on the phone and I was told in strict terms to do so. “So, there is no choice but to do it, they force us and force us,” he said.

Mohammad Sadek Akif Mohashir, a spokesman for the Ministry of Virtue and the Prevention of Corruption, said authorities had no intention of forcing the presenters to quit their jobs.

“, commented to AFP.

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