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After the Arabs, the Chinese arrived on Mars – followed by the USA

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After the Arabs, the Chinese arrived on Mars - Next is the USA

After the Arabs, today the Chinese managed to reach with a space device which they put in orbit around the planet Mars.

The shipments from China and the United Arab Emirates are the first in the history of the countries. They managed to achieve what seemed impossible years ago, to reach millions of kilometers away, paving the way for further research on the red planet of our solar system. Next week, a new NASA rover landing on Mars will look for signs of extraterrestrial life.

The UAE mission known as “Hope” is the first interplanetary mission in the country. It began its journey in July 2020, and after 400 million kilometers and was launched successfully yesterday. Her goal is to start scientific observations for a better understanding of the atmosphere and weather on Mars.

“The red planet has dominated the human imagination for centuries. “Now we are at a crossroads where we know a lot about the planet and we have the vision and technology to explore further,” said the UAE space agency.

Mars, he notes, is an obvious target for exploration for many reasons. “From our quest to find life to one day expand human civilization to other planets, Mars serves as a long-term and cooperative project for the entire human race.”

Today, the Chinese Tianwen-1 (which translates as Heavenly Questions) entered the orbit of Mars. This is China's first independent interplanetary mission and represents a major step in the country's space ambitions and potential.

The goal is to map the morphology and geology of Mars, while using a radar to explore the subsoil. It will also collect data on the ionosphere and electromagnetic and gravitational fields around the planet. It will also look for signs of old and existing life and serve as a communication network to send and receive information from Earth to the rover. The spacecraft will also prepare for the mission's landing attempt, which is expected to follow. in May.

In recent years, this solid planet has been at the center of research by many space services, as well as private companies, as it is considered the first candidate for a future human colony outside our Earth. The goal of all, it seems, is to make the human species an interplanetary species with colonies in other celestial bodies of our solar system, thus ensuring the continuation of humanity even if it entails changes in the biology of the human body and in the way of human life.


Source: politis.com.cy

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