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Against the Greek Parliament for the money from Cyprus for the reconstruction in Mati – SYRIZA, KKE and MERA25 voted against25

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Against the Greek Parliament for the money from Cyprus for the reconstruction in Mati - SYRIZA, KKE and MERA25 voted against

A new source of government tension – SYRIZA was the plan for the regeneration of Mati and the fire-affected areas of Eastern Attica.

SYRIZA's refusal to vote on the memorandum of cooperation between Greece and Cyprus, which concerns the donation for the reconstruction of the areas affected by the deadly fire in which 103 people lost their lives, sparked a fierce controversy.

The main argument of the official opposition that spoke of a scandal is the change of the original plan that envisaged the construction of a hospital with the construction of social housing.

“You continue the mourning for Mati, you have done nothing but fiestas,” Christos Spirtzis told the government, while Socrates Famellos argued that the government is asking Parliament to approve a sanction that changes the purpose of the agreement with the Cyprus for the hospital.

In other words, you are asking the Parliament to approve a sanction that changes the purpose of the agreement, to become a social housing, but without knowing for what areas and under what urban / spatial terms it will be done. In other words, you are asking us to approve something that is completely hypothetical and in addition is provocatively photographic for the area of forest recreation “, he said.

“Such leveling behaviors, nihilistic reason, catastrophizing go beyond the limits. You can have your views which we respectfully listen to. I'm sorry when all the extremes are exhausted. You do not want to hear the truth “, commented the Deputy Minister of Environment Nikos Tagaras and clarified that the construction of social housing better serves the needs of the fire victims and that the change was made after consultation with the Republic of Cyprus.

KINAL voted in favor with Costas Skandalidis, however, talking about punk pong between ND and SYRIZA. “The way the confrontation takes place again today here in Parliament is a confrontation that repeats the same arguments, the same pattern, it is like two parties playing ping-pong at the same table and we want to have a distance from this table. “So we do not want to have an equal distance towards ND and SYRIZA, as the Government complains to us, we want to have a serious distance from the ping-pong table that has been played all this time,” he said.

The memorandum was also supported by the Hellenic Solution, while SYRIZA, KKE and MERA25 voted against.

“Rehabilitation in Mati can not be bars instead of hospitals”

Sources from the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group state: “The speculation has its limits. ND, faithful to the tactics of the graveyard, is trying to do the black and white, regarding the ratification of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus, for the implementation of infrastructure projects, the reconstruction and upgrading of the fire-affected areas of Eastern Attica “.

The same sources also state that instead of distorting the reality in order to cover up another scandal, let ND answer a series of critical questions:

– Why was the planning for the hospital in Eastern Attica canceled despite the commitments of the Greek state, the commitments and statements of the current and previous Prime Minister, the statements of the President of the Republic of Cyprus and the official announcements of the Greek Parliament?

-Why was the social housing chosen and not another social use, without it being clear who the beneficiaries are and whether it will concern non-rehabilitated fire victims?

-Why is a forest area being financed for which two provocative photographic and scandalous amendments were made, which make it possible to violate the forest legislation for the operation of a nightclub? Is it possible for the financing of the Republic of Cyprus to be directed for such uses for the benefit of an entrepreneur?

-Why is the sanction for social housing promoted today while there is no urban plan that provides for them?

The same sources conclude by noting: “It seems that these are the reasons that were finally excluded from the debate in Parliament by the Municipalities, the bodies and the fire-affected residents. It is no coincidence that for two and a half years no one from the government met the residents of Mati. The sanction voted today offends both the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Cyprus. “After two and a half years of Mitsotakis government and three and a half years of captivity, the rehabilitation in Mati cannot be the bars instead of hospitals”.

Source: cnn.gr

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