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Agioi Anargyri: “The patrol car is not a taxi, my lady” – Video document from the moment of the murder

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Αγιοι Αναργυρ&omicron ;ι: «Το περιπολικo δεν εiναι ταξi κυρiα μου»- Βiντεο ντοκουμeντο α&pi ;o τη στιγμor της δολοφονiας

The new facts that have come to light about the brutal murder of the 28-year-old outside the police station of Agios Anargyros are shocking.

According to an audio document, when the young woman called EL. LET. to ask for a police car to accompany her, the operator replied: “the police car is not a taxi, ma'am”. Police Department, called the immediate action to request a patrol car, as advised by the police a little while ago, to accompany her home.

Seconds later she was attacked by her 39-year-old ex-partner, falling dead with the Greek Police officer listening live.

The statement of the policeman to the 28-year-old who was murdered outside the police station of Agioi Anargyri that “the patrol car is not a taxi”, commented the representative of the Hellenic Police, Konstantina Dimoglidou.

“I didn't like the policeman's immediate response either”, “perhaps he could have responded in a more polite way”, said Mrs. Dimoglidou speaking to MEGA.

She clarified that the cameras of the police department were working and that everything the materials have already been sent to the Prosecutor since yesterday.

“EL.AS has nothing to hide”, he noted and assured that the investigation will reach the end.

< strong>Video documentary of the killing outside the police station

At the same time, a video document was released which captures frames – frame the brutal murder of the 28-year-old by her 39-year-old ex-partner. In particular, as seen in the video published by Mega, the unfortunate 28-year-old is standing outside the Police Station, with her friend who was accompanying her, in order to ask for protection from her 39-year-old ex-partner.

As it became known, the 28-year-old was talking to Immediate Action, asking for a police car to accompany her to her house, as she was afraid that the 39-year-old had set up a cartel for her.

The woman, holding the phone in her hand, is standing in the street motionless as she chats with '100'. Suddenly he appears to turn around and return to the Department. At that moment, the man runs towards her and attacks her.

Watch the video document:

New revelations

Meanwhile, shocking new evidence has come to light about the violent past of Stygera's perpetrator murder of the 28-year-old outside the police station of Agios Anargyro.

The incidents of abuse against the victim had already been made known on Tuesday (2/4) by the Greek Police in their announcement, with relatives revealing today (3/4) that the 28-year-old had miscarried two years ago, after beating her by the 39-year-old.

According to ERT, the young woman who fell dead after five stab wounds, had become pregnant two years ago, however she allegedly miscarried blows inflicted on her by her 39-year-old partner at the time.

The victim, according to his close family circle, was then allegedly abused with the aim of abortion.

Four years before, the 2020, the 28-year-old had filed a lawsuit for assault and rape and filed an injunction to protect herself from the man who ultimately took her life. The case, however, ultimately did not reach the court, despite the fact that the perpetrator continued to abuse her.

However, the 39-year-old was known to the authorities and had a heavy criminal record. Specifically, in 2019 he was arrested for bodily harm and in 2020 for drugs.

Criminal charges have been brought against the perpetrator for intentional homicide, illegal carrying of weapons, use of weapons and supply of possession of narcotics for his own use.

The perpetrator is expected to cross the threshold of the investigator to apologize on Thursday (4 /4), on the same day where the funeral of the victim of yet another femicide will take place.

Prosecution intervention and EDE on the responsibilities of the police officers

The new this femicide has caused reactions at a social and political level both for its brutality and for the fact that such a crime took place so close to the police station and while the victim had asked for a police escort to return home safely her. The denial of this request was followed by her murder in cold blood.

For the responsibilities of the police officers who took charge of the case, prosecutorial intervention has been ordered as well as the conduct of a Sworn Administrative Examination.

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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