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Agios Tychonas warns again with the closure of the coastal promenade

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With the closure of the coastal promenade, from December 17, due to the inability to finance the costs of its safe and smooth operation, warns the community council of Agios Tychonas, following the decision of the Council of Ministers to reject an application for change of use of a licensed booth, to a category B’ restaurant.

In October 2021, the community authority warned again, with a letter to the President of the Republic, after the rejection of the Ministerial, similar request for two properties, however, with the intervention of the PtD, the issue is being re-examined by Urban Planning.

In today's new letter to President Anastasiades, the community leader Pambos Ioannou, once again expresses his dissatisfaction, as a 3rd application that has been pending for eight years was recently rejected, for the granting of a Planning Permit, in derogation of the provisions of the Limassol Local Plan, for additions/conversions to existing licensed kiosks and change of use of the kiosk to category B’ restaurants, on the coastal promenade of Agios Tychonas.

"We had the hope and belief that after your catalytic intervention, in relation to the two other cases, which resulted in the review of our applications, that the (3rd) application would be treated differently and that our request would be approved”, says the community leader to the President of the Republic.

Additionally, he indicates that "the negative attitude and the above rejection decision of the Council of Ministers to the application we submitted about eight years ago, with the sole purpose the development of the region and the well-intentioned interest of our community, results in the loss of revenue from the community council, which by rough calculations exceeds 100 thousand euros a year.

The amount collected from said properties, he continues, is used to pay off part of the amount for the maintenance of the coastal walkway, for the cleanliness of the beach, the costs for street lighting, water supply and the safety of pedestrians who use it.

«With the decision of the Council of Ministers, our community will have no other choice but to close the coastal promenade for reasons of public safety, since there will be no financial possibility to clean it, to maintain it and to supervise him”, the letter states and emphasizes that from December 17, the promenade will remain closed.

Finally, the community council calls on President Anastasiades to intervene this time to review the issue , expressing the hope for a positive result.

The same letter 

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