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AHEPA University Hospital Cyprus is coming to Nicosia

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The new hospital will be housed in the IMC building, a building with an area of ​​18,000m2 – at an investment of 80 million euros

Ερχεται το AHEPA University Hospital Cyprus στη Λε υκωσiα

The whole project will have all the characteristics of a reference regional hospital and it is expected that it will strengthen the wider economy of the place.

AHEPA University Hospital Cyprus, the largest private, fully accredited, university hospital in Cyprus was announced on Monday. The project will be housed in the IMC building, and will have state-of-the-art infrastructure, state-of-the-art medical equipment and will operate within the framework of the GESY.

The project was announced at a press conference held on Monday, November 27, at the IMC building, in front of representatives of the media, it was announced by Vivant Medical Investments PLC,

This is the first, fully accredited, University Hospital in Cyprus.

The attendees were welcomed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Mr. Christakis Partasidis. The description and advantages of the new university hospital were analyzed by the Member of the Board and Deputy Dean of the Medical School of the European University of Cyprus, Professor Dr. Ioannis Patrikios.

Mrs. Francine Westergaard, Principal Accreditation Consultant of the largest accreditation organization The Joint Commission International, who undertakes as the company's consultant for the project in all stages of implementation from initial planning to operation and certification explained the importance and advantages of an accredited hospital and the prospects it creates with the certification of other hospitals in our country for the health sector of Cyprus more broadly. Afterwards, Dr. Alfred Barich, member of the Board of Directors of the AHEPA University Hospital of Thessaloniki, developed the advantages, synergies and perspectives from the multi-level cooperation agreement between the two AHEPA University Hospitals, Cyprus and Thessaloniki.

In his own greeting, the High President of the AHEPA World Council, Savvas Tsivikos, who played a catalytic role in the conclusion of a strategic cooperation agreement between AHEPA and VMI as well as in the cooperation between the two AHEPA hospitals, confirmed the support of this global brotherhood for the creation of the AHEPA University Hospital of Cyprus and subsequently developed his broader vision for the actions of the fraternity during his Presidency.

Businessman and shareholder of VMI, Andreas Kaisis in his own greeting stated that the new hospital is the fulfillment of a lifelong vision and then announced the decision of the VMI Board of Directors to name Savvas Civico as its honorary president.

Features and Services

The new hospital will be housed in the iconic IMC Mansion, an 18,000m2 building designed by leading architect and urban planner Lord Cunliff and built to public building specifications by J&P, described by world-renowned experts as the ideal envelope in most suitable geographical location to house the first university hospital of Cyprus. The entire investment, including the value of converting the building into a hospital, with the latest generation technological infrastructure and the most modern medical and other equipment, amounts to €80 million.

The new hospital will provide comprehensive medical services both both in-hospital and out-hospital, and will include:

• 100 Clinics and outpatient examination rooms covering all medical specialties and specializations
• Approximately 200 inpatient health care beds, including Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds,
• Accident and Emergency Department (TAEP), fully equipped and staffed
• Specialized and equipped Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Departments, with 20 rehabilitation beds,
• 10 operating rooms fully equipped with the latest for performing all types of operations and 2 rooms/laboratories for catheterization of cardiovascular and other diseases
• Complete Radiology Laboratory with latest generation equipment, MRI, CT scanners, etc.
• Complete Clinical Laboratory, hematological and biochemical analyses
• Rooms/Laboratories for carrying out examinations for each specialty such as endoscopies, gastroscopies, colonoscopies, urology laboratory, cardiology etc.

The new university hospital, in addition to its state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment, will have multiple features that will essentially upgrade the health sector in Cyprus.

It will be the first fully accredited hospital in Cyprus, and will implement the strictest protocols and documented operating system, ensuring the highest level of services offered and thepossibility of conducting clinical researches. At the same time, it paves the way for the accreditation of other hospitals in Cyprus, making possible the strategic goal of attracting medical tourism.

Among the multiple advantages of the strategic cooperation agreement with ACHEPA is the possibility of access to the global network of professionals AHEPA's health department which includes leading academics, doctors, and researchers.

The interconnection and multi-level cooperation with the ACHEPA University Hospital of Thessaloniki, combined with the modern facilities and the latest technology equipment framed by distinguished professors and staffed with doctors and scientific staff of international scope, will provide the required infrastructure and conditions to the medical schools of our universities , for the practical training of their students, in an environment that will not lag behind the large university hospitals of Europe. Within these frameworks, the important prospect of a
relevant agreement with the Medical School of the European University of Cyprus for the practical training of its students from the schools of medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, and technical medical specialties is moving forward.

One of the innovations of the new university will be its digital infrastructure so that it will be a digitally smart hospital that will have the databases and equipment to support research programs and epidemiological studies.

The whole project will have all the characteristics of a reference regional hospital and it is expected that it will strengthen the wider economy of the place.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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