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AHK: Escalation of incidents of theft of aluminum doors of Distribution Substations

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AHK: Eξαρση περι&sigma ;τατικoν κλοπoν πορτoν αλουμινiο&upsilon ; Υποσταθμoν Διανομorς

The Cyprus Electricity Authority informs the public that recently there has been an increase in incidents of theft from EAC Electricity Distribution Substations.

Specifically, the thefts concern the doors/entrances of the Substations Distribution Stations that are placed by the thousands throughout Cyprus and mostly serve the electrical load needs of the neighboring areas in which they are located. These Substations are in the form of a small room and include live equipment such as cables, transformers, switches, fuses , Ms.

EAC points out that entering the Distribution Substations is extremely dangerous for unauthorized and properly trained persons, as there is an immediate risk of electric shock. 

According to its procedure Organization, at any Substation entrance where a door is stolen, it will be replaced with a new iron door.  At the same time, the Organization in collaboration with the Police Directorate studies and examines  additional measures to prevent these thefts.  EAC informs the public to be especially careful and under no circumstances to enter inside the Distribution Substations. In the event that a Distribution Substation door is noticed to be missing, please contact EAC on phone 1800 or 99245122 (exclusively for theft of Distribution Substation doors).


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