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Aid plans were announced for the beneficiaries of “colored” agricultural oil

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 Προκηρύχθηκαν σχΕδια ενΙσχυσης στους δικαιοy&chi ους «χρωματισμΕνου» γεωργικο y πετρελαiου

Applications will be submitted from 02/04/2024 to 14/06/2024

The Department of Agriculture, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment announced the 7th Announcement and Submission of Applications from 04/02/2024 to 06/14/2024 for the plan to grant aid to the beneficiaries of “colored” agricultural oil for the diesel fuel that it is used in vehicles for agricultural purposes – which concerns farmers and foresters – as well as for the scheme to grant aid to Beekeepers for diesel.

In the announcement, relayed by the GTP, it is clarified that beneficiaries for participation in the Plans are natural or legal persons, dioceses, monasteries or temples, or other ecclesiastical or religious organizations and foresters, who are registered in the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings or participate in the Hectares Plan Subsidies or in the Capital Subsidies Scheme of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization, for the year 2024 or are registered in the beekeeper register of the Department of Agriculture.

It is noted that all potential beneficiary applicants, who are not registered in the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings, when submitting their application electronically, will complete their registration in the selected e-Services “Application for aid for oil for agricultural use”, after registering the number 00-201800000 and that participation in the Beekeeper Registry for the year 2024 will be verified from the database of the Beekeeper Registry, which is held by the Department of Agriculture.

It is also pointed out that all the Beneficiaries for participation in the Support Concession Plan to the beneficiaries of “colored” agricultural oil for diesel fuel used in vehicles for agricultural purposes, the beneficiaries should participate and benefit from the Taxation Regime for agricultural “colored” oil, applied by the Customs Department, receive “colored” oil for the specific reference period and own eligible diesel vehicles (van, single cab, double cab, truck), which they use for agricultural purposes.

For the Beekeepers Support Concession Scheme for diesel, it is pointed out that the beneficiaries should be registered in the Beekeepers Register of the Department of Agriculture and keep a number equal to or greater than 50 bees, practice nomadic beekeeping, based on the most recent revision of Register, when submitting the application and be legal owners of an eligible diesel vehicle (minivan, truck), which they use to practice nomadic beekeeping.

It is clarified that all applications will be submitted electronically through the “Online Portal of the Republic of Cyprus” and that applicants will be notified by email of the preliminary approval or rejection of their application.

Source: politis.com.cy

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