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Aigaia 2024 Visual Arts Exhibition

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Aigaia 2024 Visual Arts Exhibition


    Inspiration, creation, contemporary approach, diversity, and evolution embody the annual exhibition of Aigaia School of Art & Design for the academic year 2023-2024, which will be held from June 14 to June 22, 2024.

    The exhibition presents samples of students' work from various levels of study, including the accredited/certified “Visual Arts” program which is exclusively offered by our school in both Greek and English.

    The artworks presented in the exhibition, display uniqueness and authenticity, as the primary goal of all our programs is the development of personal visual language. A common factor of all artworks is the respect for Art, with clarity in thought and image.

    During the academic year, principles and techniques of the visual arts were taught, laying essential foundations and establishing solid bases for the development of appropriate skills, particularly in fostering a personal visual identity. The themes selected stem from the students' concerns about contemporary society, daily experiences and personal testimonies. The media used varied according to the desired aesthetics and symbolism, always aiming to keep pace with the contemporary evolutionary course of our times with a futuristic tendency.

    The exhibition serves as a professional presentation of our students’ work, both as groups and as individual entities. The high level of education is reflected in the visual messages of the works, which align with the school's vision to convey the importance of the arts and culture in Cyprus.

    In addition to the work of our Higher Education students, the exhibition also presents work created by students of various levels of art exams, portfolios for entrance to fine art, design, media degrees, or work by students that simply aim to enrich their academic qualifications, knowledge and experiences.< /p>

    OPEN DAYS will be held during the exhibition, enabling visitors to be thoroughly informed about all the programs on offer and to take guided tours of the exhibition and school premises.

    The exhibition’s opening will take place on Friday June 14th 2024 at 20:30, at the school’s building, 81 Agion Omologiton Avenue.

    Visitors are welcome between Monday and Saturday 14-22 June, during the school’s working hours.

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