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Aim to deal with delays in the administration of justice – The new Chief Justice Stalo Hatzigiannis took office

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Expressing her intention to work to solve chronic problems that cause serious delays in the administration of justice, Stalo Hatzigianni was sworn in today as a Judge of the Supreme Court, during the confirmation ceremony held at the Presidential Palace.

of her family, associates and government officials, Stalo Hatzigianni was sworn in before the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, who also decided on her appointment to the Supreme Court.

From the podium, President Anastasiadis explained that he had appointed Ms. Hatzigianni as a member of the Supreme Court, “taking into account the level of her legal training, the experience recorded during her successful and long term, but also the ethos it also demonstrated the integrity of its character as a minister of justice. ” She expressed confidence that she will carry out her new tasks with conscientiousness and objectivity.

Afterwards, President Anastasiadis referred to seven ongoing actions, with the aim of modernizing the structures related to the administration of justice. Specifically, he referred to the establishment of new Courts, such as the Administrative Court, the Court of International Protection and the Commercial Court and the Maritime Court, the establishment of a School of Judges, the establishment of the Independent Anti-Corruption Authority and the new anti-corruption laws. for Transparency in Public Decision Making Processes and for lobbying. He also referred to the digitization of courts through e-Justice and i-justice, with the electronic registration of court documents, as well as the Audio Digital Recording of Practical Court Sessions.

Bills for reopening of the Supreme Court Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court

He also expressed the hope that the bills for the reopening of the Supreme Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court will be passed by the Parliament by June at the latest, as well as the creation of a separate Court of Appeals for the faster administration of justice. He reminded that eight bills for modernization and revision of the law are pending in the Parliament, including the family law, while he informed that a study of the Service of the Courts, the so-called Court Service, is underway, which will free valuable time from the Judiciary. The aim of the above moves, as he said, is “to have a more radical reform of the judicial system, so that at last justice is and quickly administered.”

Responsibilities of the State >

Stalo Hatzigianni, speaking in turn during the ceremony, said that she understands her appointment “at the highest step of the court pyramid”, as the end of a 26-year course in all its levels and jurisdictions the administration of justice at first instance, as well as the beginning of a new course in the appellate administration of justice.

He made special reference to the delays observed in the administration of justice, which have as a consequence the discrediting of the citizens. “Justice that is not delivered quickly is not justice,” he said, explaining that “as a state we have failed to fully meet the highest task of consolidating and prevailing in all areas, the principles that give the modern meaning of the rule of law.” He also mentioned the responsibilities of the State over time, which has not invested the basics in the field of justice and noted that “this omission the current Government is trying to remedy with the justice reform announced many years ago.” He added that immediate action is needed to resolve the problems, including the housing issue of the courts, expressing reservations about the efforts made regarding the housing of the Nicosia District Court, which, as he said, will not resolve at the root of the problem.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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