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Air conditioners are coming to 50 schools – The minister admits a delay in the procedures…

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So far there have been no particular problems in the students' exams, said Athina Michailidou

In the next few days the School Ephorates will proceed with the installation of air conditioners in 50 schools, while a three-year plan is being prepared for the installation of air conditioners in all schools in which they can air conditioners are brought in, said the Minister of Education, Sports and Culture, Athina Michailidou.

Mrs. Michailidou was answering journalists' questions on the matter on the sidelines of a student award ceremony at noon on Thursday at the Ministry.

Mrs. Michailidou stated that the goal was to start the process of installing air conditioners earlier, but there was a delay in the procedures, stating that the process of public contracts for the air conditioners was completed on May 31 and then the School Tax Offices will proceed in the next few days with the placing them in 50 schools, 10 in each province, which had been selected based on specific criteria, as the Minister explained.

“According to my information, we are starting with Nicosia and Limassol, which are more mature the conditions to install the first air conditioners”, said Mrs. Michailidou. She explained that following the study for these 50 schools, a three-year plan is being prepared for the installation of air conditioners in all schools that can be fitted with air conditioners.

“It is understood that the schools in which environmental upgrading and complete reconstruction are being removed, as well as schools in very mountainous areas, where there is no reason to install air conditioners”, explained the Minister.

In consultation with the parents were denied the option to keep the children at home

Mrs. Michailidou expressed the readiness of the Ministry to discuss proposals for the management of the situation and to support changes and flexibility in the operating program of the schools. He noted, however, that the possibility of the children not going to school, which was also requested by educational organizations, was rejected in consultation with the parents, because, as the Minister explained, “there is also the issue of what they will do and where they will be the children, because not all parents have the ability to supervise their children”.

He also noted that the principal of each school needs to judge when some children need to be supported, if they are not feeling well, if they need to go to an air-conditioned area of ​​their school, or if the program and the flow of the school's program need to be changed.

The Minister also reminded that in the face of the special circumstances, as she said, there was also cooperation with the Ministry of Health and an announcement was published “on how school principals should pay attention to the children in particular, who are more vulnerable , to avoid unpleasant episodes at these high temperatures”.

Mrs. Michailidou noted that there are very few days left in the work of primary school teachers, while the examination period in secondary schools ends tomorrow, and she expressed the belief that the fact that the process of installing the first air conditioners begins, will also bring satisfaction to the educational world .

The examination process without particular problems

In response to a question about the progress of the examinations in secondary education, Mrs. Michailidou stated that they will be completed tomorrow the final exams and on June 10 the Pan-Cypriot exams begin. “So far there have been no particular problems. There are always small issues, complaints about whether the writing was long or difficult”, he noted.

He explained that in these cases the experts have instructions to look at the issue of evaluating the children and grading the writings with very much attention, so that everything is in favor of the students. Finally, he mentioned that there is now an emphasis on the Pan-Cypriot exams, which are ranking exams and sometimes the future of children is judged by them, as he said.

Source: politis.com.cy

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