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Airplanes: These are the flights with the worst turbulence – List

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<p>A series of incidents in which airline passengers have been injured due to in-flight turbulence has brought the issue of aviation safety into sharp focus.</p>
<p>In recent months, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Air Europa planes have experienced a sharp drop in altitude, resulting in passengers requiring medical attention. In the case of Singapore, one person died.</p>
<p>Singapore Air flight SQ321, from London to Singapore, encountered severe turbulence as it entered Thai airspace in late May, resulting in to have to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.</p>
<p>And this week, about 40 passengers were injured when an Air Europa flight ran into severe turbulence while traveling from Madrid to Montevideo, Uruguay.</p>
<p>Severe turbulence is caused when air currents traveling at significantly different speeds are united. This is usually found at the boundaries of jet streams, over mountains and in certain storm clouds.</p>
<p>According to Bloomberg, the most turbulent flights are those connecting Santiago, Chile to Santa Bolivian cruise.</p>
<p>Turbli database data also shows that of long-haul flights, those originating from Tokyo dominate the list of most turbulent.</p>
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