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Akakiko 20 years of Japanese culture in Cyprus!

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Akakiko 20 χρoνια ιαπω&nu ;ικorς κουλτούρας στην Κύπρο!

Akakiko celebrated their 20 years of presence in Cyprus with an event attended by select guests and media representatives

Those who attended the event had the opportunity to try the limited edition platter, OHH MAKI consisting of 20 maki, with five new flavors. This dish reflects the multitude of flavors, ingredients, tradition and techniques that make use of Akakiko, while featuring elements from the dishes that Cypriots have loved over the past 20 years.

Akakiko 20 χρòνια ιαπωνι κorς κουλτούρας στην Κύπρο!

At the same time, as part of Akakiko's 20th anniversary event, the guests tested their cooking skills in an interesting and interactive Maki masterclass, where, under the guidance of chef Mr. Loukas Englesou, they were invited to make Maki rolls themselves, which were then given for tasting. test on the remaining participants.

Akakiko 20 χρόν&iota ;α ιαπωνικorς κουλτούρας στην Κύπ&rho ?&omicron?!

It all started in a train station in Austria, somewhere between the train platforms where a Korean couple with a passion for Asian-Japanese cuisine, took passers-by on a journey through the flavors of the Far East. On their menu, two unique dishes, OHH sushi and OHH tempura, which became skyrocketing, raising the reputation of the then street food shop, expanding the art of fusion cuisine and making Akakiko today, one of the most loved and successful restaurants.

Akakiko 20 χρoνια ιαπωνι κorς κουλτούρας στην Κύπρο!

The story of Akakiko restaurants in Cyprus begins exactly 20 years ago, when in 2004 they opened their operation in Cyprus with a tradition that draws inspiration from Asia, adapted to the most modern version and with an international character to compose a sense of a culinary journey full of unique taste experiences and inspired combinations.

Over the course of these 20 years, Akakiko restaurants have attracted all lovers of Asian gastronomy from every corner of Cyprus, and beyond. With the richest range of flavors and combinations, Akakiko restaurants harmoniously adapt the traditional with the modern, offering dishes from five cuisines Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Peruvian, composing taste options that ensure unique culinary experiences in each visit.

Akakiko 20 χρόνια ιαπωνικorς κουλτούρας στην Κύπρ&omicron !

It is worth noting that at Akakiko everything, all sauces and food, is created from scratch, there is nothing that comes ready-made, while their menu remains dishes that are timeless, since the day the first restaurant opened. At the same time, the menu changes and is enriched approximately every 6 months so that each visit acquires a different taste and character.

Akakiko 20 χρоνια ιαπωνι κorς κουλτούρας στην Κύπρο!

The name “Akakiko” is a combination of the words “aka” which means red in Japanese and “kiko” which comes from the word “kitchen”. This brand reflects the multicolor and variety of flavors that can be discovered on the menu of the restaurants that have a fanatical audience throughout Cyprus, who visit them in all 3 restaurants Akakiko Hilton Nicosia, Royal Apollonia Limassol, Akakiko Polis and at the Nicosia Mall takeaway concept.

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