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Akamas: They restart the works in October with a reduced environmental footprint

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 Ακαμας: Επανα ρονροοοε ιωμενοπεριβαλοντικo αποτyπω&mu ;α

A re-evaluation was done by the Environment Department, the Minister of the Environment stated before the Parliamentary Environment Committee.

With a reduced environmental footprint, the works on the Akamas road network are expected to resume from October, as the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Maria Panagiotou, told the Parliamentary Environment Committee. At the same time, he noted that an investigative officer has been appointed to look into possible disciplinary offenses recorded in the administrative investigation into the matter.

He added that the administrative investigation cannot be made public until criminal responsibilities are investigated, which is expected to last around 10 weeks with a start date of June 12.

Mr. Panagiotou also assured that the construction site in Akamas has been insured to avoid risks.

Regarding the resumption of the works of the first phase in October, the Minister noted that a reassessment was made by the Department of Environment and they will be completed with reduced environmental footprint without delays. He noted that some things have been removed to reduce the environmental footprint and the communities are aware. He said that for the projects of the first phase, the opinions of experts were taken into account and the communities were informed.

He noted that the projects have not deviated from the original plan with a 2027 implementation horizon for all projects.

For the projects of the second phase he stated that they should be evaluated based on the opinions of stakeholders and experts.


The Office of the Auditor General stated that the investigation cannot be completed when they have not been given the administrative investigation report.

Akamas Mayor Marinos Lambrou expressed frustration at the long delays in the project and the removal of pieces from the project, expressing the opinion that the National Forest Park is being degraded. She spoke of the removal of water supply, and the removal of 60% of the road network.

Ms. Panagiotou stated that the reference to the removal of roads is incorrect and that the projects are fully in line with the needs of the region and the communities.

Environmental organizations called for attention to the implementation of the provisions of the habitats directive, but also transparency in relation to the administrative investigation so that the same mistakes are not repeated. area due to the road works that have been interrupted and said that this should be a priority.

DISY MP Prodromos Alabritis said that safety, respect for the environment and people can coexist, so they should be taken into account the needs of the residents and to stay in the area.

AKEL MP Nikos Kettiros stated that not enough was done for Akamas and the people there must be supported, which “does not mean that we will build Akamas from side to side”. Regarding the administrative investigation, he said that it gives the impression of a cover-up attempt when certain things are not made public.

DIKO Member of Parliament Chrysanthos Savvidis said that with the reduction of roads in Akamas, fire safety issues are also affected. He wondered what happened to the people of the area after so many years and what compensation was given to them.

Source: politis.com.cy

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