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AKEL – DIKO: And names on the table from the beginning

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AKEL - DIKO: And names on the table from the beginning

The next days and weeks are crucial in the consultations of the opposition parties. AKEL and DIKO, while realizing that there is still time, consider that the official contacts should now be made without delay, mainly to clarify from the beginning all the data of their possible cooperation, both in relation to the common positions and mainly with the nomenclature.

Despite the public statements that everything will start mainly with the search for the common line in the program positions, a party source noted yesterday in “P” that it is illogical not to start any discussion in which both the positions and the nomenclature. According to the same source who spoke to “P”, the open horizons at the level of positions would be wrong not to be reflected in a transcendental movement on both sides for a possible candidacy.

Despite the readiness of both parties to look for the excess, the key point in the consultations in the coming days is the size of this excess. The possible cooperation would depend on this “unit of measurement” of any party excess, a party source told “P”.

However, according to all the moves of the two parties so far, there is an impression that their field of action is open to the nomenclature:

  • In DIKO, despite the fact that they put the candidacy of their leader at the forefront of the discussions, they nevertheless discreetly send intentions of consent and readiness to discuss alternative solutions.
  • The same happens as a process in AKEL. His leadership, despite the fact that it has appeared in the past to exclude party leaders in an attempt to impose the search for a third candidate in advance, appears in recent days ready to discuss solutions that satisfy their interlocutors.

This tactic of the two parties, which seem to sincerely seek cooperation, will appear throughout the next period with names circulating on the table of consultations.

The party base

There is, however, one more issue that should be considered crucial under existing party norms. According to party sources, the course of the AKEL and DIKO consultations will depend on the dispositions of the base of the two parties. Mainly in relation to AKEL, and whether the base is ready to assimilate transcendental movements of the party in the direction of DIKO and Nikola Papadopoulos. At present, there does not seem to be a temperate climate capable of forming majorities in support of the candidacy of the President of Diko. A possible rejection, in fact, of Papadopoulos's candidacy in the consultations will measure the magnitude of DIKO's determination in relation to its declarations for a change of government. The challenges for both parties are just around the corner.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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