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AKEL-DIKO start from white glue

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Stefanos Stefanou and Nikolas Papadopoulos, secretary general of AKEL and president of DIKO respectively, had on the first day of spring (Tuesday, 1/3/2022) their first official meeting (preceded unofficially) regarding the possibility of cooperation between them in the 2023 presidential elections with a common candidate. In their public statements, Stefanou & # 8211; Papadopoulos stated that they agreed on the need for change for the place. Both men and women do not claim that their first priority is the cooperation between the two parties, which will be the yeast for other parties, political formations and independent personalities to stick together. Both sides agree that no personality will fall from the sky that will enchant everyone and will have serious chances of being elected. “We start with a white glue” we were typically told by AKEL. “We start from Nikola, but we are dialectical if AKEL has something worthwhile to offer us,” a first-class DIKO executive told “P”. At the next meeting of Stefanos & # 8211; Nikola, which will take place soon, names will be submitted from both sides (from DIKO only the name of its president). The leaders of both parties believe that if they agree on the name, the rest (positions and election/governance program) is an easy task and there is no way they can stumble upon them.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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