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AKEL: First a suit, then a candidate

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AKEL: First a suit, then a candidate

Frixos Dalitis

They start with the least difficult in AKEL, to end up with the most difficult part of the equation for the 2023 presidential elections, which is the name of the chosen one for the race.

With the debate already heating up in the opposition camp, in Hezekiah Papaioannou they are recording data and measuring reactions, with the party slowly and steadily entering the course of the elections. The procedures have not formally started yet, but this is expected to happen in the next period of time with the start of the dialogue in the base party groups. At this stage, the party leadership is proposing the need for co-operation in the framework of an agreement on positions of authority. This framework will be, in essence, the basis on which cooperation will be based on the path to the presidential election and will be the suit in which the candidate to be supported should fit.

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The fact that the other opposition parties are also holding their congresses pending, gives time to AKEL and for its own processes, with the party secretary general emphasizing in his speeches and interviews that the process in AKEL has not been delayed, but on the contrary it starts earlier than previous times. A meeting of the Politburo is expected in the next few days, during which it is estimated that it will be determined how the party's process for the presidential elections will finally begin. The question is whether the debate in the grassroots parties will be on an open agenda, or whether a suggestion from the Politburo will go to the grassroots. However, in case there is a suggestion, proposals outside the context of the suggestion are not excluded from the discussion.

The course of the pandemic is a big headache for AKEL in relation to the process. The escalation of the last days and the restrictions of the health protocols, make it difficult to hold gatherings for discussion in the local base groups. Although the number of participants in these rallies has decreased compared to the past, however there can be no risk of holding rallies indoors and with the participation of vulnerable people.

According to the party process, after the discussion in the party base groups is completed, the result will be codified by the provincial committees and then it will go to the Central Committee for discussion and preparation of a proposal to the extraordinary Pancyprian Congress of the party which will receive the final decision.

AKEL Secretary General Stefanos Stefanou, who was yesterday a guest on the noon show of RIK, reiterated that the party's procedures will be completed in the spring, without, as he said, being able to say whether it will be March or April, as it will depend on the pandemic. Stefanos Stefanou repeated what he said two weeks ago in his interview with “F”, that AKEL does not exclude anyone from the dialogue, not even its own candidate, whether it is the secretary general or another executive. He also said that they have not entered into a structured dialogue for cooperation with any party, but pointed out that there is a basis for cooperation and this is the common goal, to leave this government. He noted that the candidate must have positions that converge with the positions of AKEL, mainly in key issues, as well as be a personality who has the conditions to win the election.

AKEL continued its attack on the Government yesterday, submitting a request for full restoration of the Automatic Indicator Adjustment and its extension to all the employees of the place.

“The wave of increases and the accuracy of basic goods and services in our country are shrinking the income of the vast majority of society on a daily basis. employees, retirees. Today it is more imperative than ever to strengthen the purchasing power of workers, to protect wages from punctuality. “It is not possible for everything to increase, but for salaries to remain stagnant or to decrease,” the party said in a statement.

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