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AKEL General Secretary supports the referendums for the Local Government and criticizes DISY

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AKEL General Secretary supports the referendums for the Local Government and criticizes DISY

The position for holding referendums for the Local Government Reform after two years and while the united Municipalities and Communities have started their operation, expressed the Secretary General of AKEL Andros Kyprianou, criticizing DISY that he says other things about the participation of the citizens in the decisions that concern them and other does.

In statements on the sidelines of a meeting with the Board of Directors of RIK, Mr. Kyprianou said that it is very important that the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs managed to complete the discussions on a huge issue such as the Local Government Reform.

He said, however, that AKEL is surprised by the positions expressed by DISY and other parties on the issue of referendums. He said that the TA is an institution that can promote and solve the small and big daily problems of the world, and therefore the citizens are interested in this institution.

As he said, for decades, with DISY leading the way, the parties have been supporting the position that citizens should participate in public life and in decision-making. “DISY has been teaching us lessons on these issues for the last three decades”, he said and wondered whether the institution of TA is an issue that the citizens should have an opinion on. “This particular issue is a matter of philosophy for us,” he added.

Mr. Kyprianou explained that AKEL supported the position of the referendums to be held in 2023 and the synergies to start now as this way the people will have at their disposal 2 years to see the benefits that will result from the unification of the Municipalities and the Communities. and will be positive in the referendums. He added that the citizens should not be forced to make decisions made by the parties, believing that they have the absolute truth without having the right to express their opinion.

“DISY must decide, either the citizens must have the right to participate in the decision-making that concerns them, or we are the wise ones who decide and impose”, said Mr. Kyprianou.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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