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AKEL: How long will the government be indifferent to accuracy?

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    ΑΚΕΛ: Ως πoτε θα αδαοηκρνηια τη&kappa ;ρiβεια;

    How long will the government be indifferent to accuracy, asks AKEL &#8211? What it says in an announcement

    Eurostat announces that Cyprus had the second highest inflation increase in the eurozone, but the government is yet to be moved, says AKEL in an announcement.

    “AKEL will not stop pressuring the government first of all to understand what is happening in society and then to realize that substantial and drastic measures are needed here and now. Reducing the consumption tax on fuel and extending the electricity subsidy are the two immediate measures that need to be taken. At the same time, AKEL's proposal to tax the banks' excess profits can increase the state's revenues in order to subsidize the interest rate for the housing loans of the middle and lower classes,” he emphasizes.

    “The vast majority of our society – working people, middle class, small business owners, pensioners – they are squeezed every day more suffocatingly by the cost of living, rents, interest rates, low wages. How long will the government be indifferent to the truth, to what is burning the society?” concludes.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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