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AKEL: In recent years, no “excellent work” has been done in Pournara

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AKEL Spokesman, George Koukoumas, was present for today's visit of President Anastasiadis to the reception center in Pournara, noting that the President visited the site correctly, but it is not a matter of communication management.

Specifically, as Mr. Koukoumas states in a written statement, it is a matter of the state complying with its international obligations, a matter of humanity and solidarity. And it's an urgent matter because hundreds of people will continue to live – as they have for weeks and months now – under tents, in the cold and rain.


What is the state trajectory for Pournara Foreign Minister: Concern over the exclusion of Mariupol PTD in Pournara: Decisions that will give way (video)

In recent years, no “excellent work” has been done in Pournara, he stressed while noting at the same time & nbsp; that the exact opposite happened. From a reception center was left to become a hotbed of humanitarian crisis, with living conditions that are not worthy of any child, no human being. It was left to become a huge repository of human misery. With unaccompanied children living stacked in containers. With sewage flooding the space. Even with inadequate nutrition. And all this at a time when the Cypriot state was receiving and receiving tens of millions of euros from the EU to ensure humane reception conditions.

In conclusion, Mr. Koukouma expressed the hope that even now – after so many years that We, as well as other bodies and independent institutions, are pushing for solutions – that effective and humane policies of reception, hospitality and integration of refugees will be implemented. AKEL will continue to closely monitor the course of government policy and whether today the current announcements will be implemented in practice.

Source: www.philenews.com

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