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AKEL Limassol / MPs: First in the ranking is Julia Khovrina Komnenos – Is she founding a party?

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AKEL Limassol / MPs: First in the ranking is Julia Khovrina Komnenos - Is she founding a party?

Yesterday, the provincial committees of AKEL proceeded with the ranking of the candidates for the parliamentary elections in May. The AKEL Limassol provincial committee ranked Yulia Khovrina-Komnenos, from Russia, first on the list. Tomorrow, these lists will be sent to AKEL Base Party Groups for ratification.

Following is an article – presentation by Julia Khovrina-Komnenos by Chris Michael:

 Establishes party “for a healthy, educated and strong Cyprus”

The Russian who wants to change us

She is a Russian with Cypriot citizenship, with a Byzantine surname and Byzantine origins, as she says with pride. He speaks passionately about Cyprus, which wants a modern and prosperous state, and declares that he is ready to fight, to mobilize with all those who have the same visions. That is why he is setting up a party with European values and principles, which will serve the people and the whole.

Julia Khovrina-Komnenos has been permanently in Cyprus since 1994 and since 1996 has been a Cypriot citizen. With enviable studies, in Moscow (international relations, diplomacy, politics, economics) and in Manchester (various branches of economics at the highest level – she is a collaborator of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of London), she impresses with her learning. Married with two children, she insists on studying, learning and enriching her knowledge as she believes that education makes a person better and consequently improves the community in which she lives. It is indicative that she knows eight languages (apart from her mother tongue Russian, she speaks English, French, Serbian, Turkish and for the last five years she has been taking Greek courses at the University of Cyprus).

Based in Limassol, where she has her permanent residence, she participates in family businesses that extend beyond Cyprus. However, she considers Cyprus her homeland, about which she speaks with passion. She loves the country, she loves its people and her vision is to help make this place as good as possible, for its people to live in prosperity, peace and security. Thus, Julia Khovrina-Komnenos set an ambitious goal. To establish a political party and through it to realize its visions for Cyprus about which he says the best words: “Cyprus is a unique place. It is a place with all the characteristics and conditions to become a meeting place, coexistence of peoples and nations. A place that could comfortably host even the United Nations or even some of its industries and services. The infrastructure and data already exist and are a good precondition to support this effort. “Cyprus is now an international base, a hospitable home for individuals, companies, businesses of all kinds.”

Party for all Cypriots

Julia's effort has already been launched. He did the relevant processes and investigations, all the procedures have ended with the registration of the party, so then everything will be ready to claim the parliamentary elections of next May on a nationwide basis. It was not by chance that she chose the “United Republican Party of Cyprus” (ERKK) as the name for her party. The ambition is for the party to house Turkish Cypriots who have Cypriot citizenship and contacts are already being made in the occupied territories. And as she tells us with those Turkish Cypriots who spoke and developed her proposals and ideas, everyone embraced her vision and stood in favor of a united Cyprus. “Together with the Greek Cypriots, the Turkish Cypriots, we want all the other legal residents of Cyprus, regardless of ethnicity. We appeal to everyone and under a common umbrella to fight for a united and strong Cyprus “.

In our conversation, Julia constantly emphasizes the “united and strong Cyprus” and believes that this can be achieved through education to which she attaches particular importance. “We can achieve a lot,” he said emphatically, “we must change Cyprus, we can and we will do it,” he says confidently. She does not overlook and does not underestimate the problems and difficulties because she considers that she has the solutions, as she identified and studied them and makes her plans. For corruption, for example, which he considers a major problem, he proposes the issuance of a hryvnia, alongside the euro. This currency, which she calls cryptocurrency, will be used in certain aspects of the economy and especially in transactions with the state. He believes that such a system significantly reduces corruption. At the same time, it proposes full transparency in all activities and relations of the citizen with the state and all organized and institutional bodies.

Another issue to which he pays special attention is the protection of the natural environment. Sea, land and air. Non-governmental organizations, he says, will have the right to monitor at all levels, so that the public is informed in a timely manner, while we will make multinational companies responsible for pollution accidents. He proposes investments in the energy sector, which he says should be linked to the growth of the economy.

AKEL Limassol / MPs: First in the ranking is Julia Khovrina Komnenos - Is she founding a party?

* Julia Khovrina-Komnenos.

Expensive training

The area in which he also attaches importance is that of education. Proposes radical solutions. He points out that today the education of young people is expensive, as he says the education of Cyprus orients the children for studies mainly in England and America. Now with “Brexit” he adds, the cost will increase even more. What needs to be done? He suggests: “To obtain education with international approaches. Introduce foreign languages into education from primary school. To prepare children for studies in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, which will bring a reduction in the cost of education for households, but also for the local economy “.

Throughout the program we are preparing, he emphasizes, “we want to make Cyprus more healthy and educated. To make Cyprus stronger “.

Of course we are talking about ambitious goals ambitious program, but this should not limit and fix us, says Yulia. He confidently, emphatically and succinctly emphasizes: “This radical change is difficult. But if we stay in “This is Cyprus”, accepting the situation, if we raise our hands and say we will certainly not succeed, we will not move forward. It takes effort and effort. ” And she has the appetite and the will to contribute to this effort.

AKEL Limassol / MPs: First in the ranking is Julia Khovrina Komnenos - Is she founding a party?

* Chris Michael.

Source: politis.com.cy

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