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Akinci on two-state policy: “They want us to go the same wrong way”

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Akinji on two-state policy:

In a new post today, the former leader of the Turkish Cypriots, Mustafa Akinci, returns to the politics of two states on the Turkish and Turkish sides, in view of the informal pentagon, recalling what happened at the beginning of the century when this policy was followed by Turkey.

“Under the influence of the late Denktash, by 2004, Turkish officials had also brought to the fore the issue of a two-state confederation,” Akinci said in a post today. resolution for the renewal of the term of UNFICYP.

In those years, in the period before 2004, he continued, he had warned from the floor of the “parliament” that the result of the policy then pursued would not be the recognition of the “tdbk” – as it is referred to in the pseudo-state – or the confederation.

He had warned, said Mustafa Akinci, that then the entry into the EU of “southern Cyprus” would be facilitated – in his words – and in fact “in the name of the whole of Cyprus in terms of international law. “This policy, in a way, would be an impetus for the Greek Cypriot side to become an EU member on its own. Unfortunately, this has happened.”

Undoubtedly, he continued, this does not absolve the EU from its short-sighted policy, but in general the Turkish side with its policy at that time facilitated that result, which was the accession of Cyprus to the EU.

“Now, (some) want us to walk the same wrong path as if we have not learned any lessons from the past. “If the goal is what they have said, that is, to accept two recognized states in Cyprus with a separate international identity, this will not be possible to achieve in the five-party conference.”

If all sides play with time and it is said that “no common ground was found”, says Mr. Akinci, then it is clear where all this will end: “Yes, there will be two states, but on the one hand it will be the Republic of Cyprus and on the other hand the Turkish Republic “.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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