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Al Jazeera / Golden Passports: Pittatzis released his own recording for “This is Cyprus” on Facebook (audio)

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Al Jazeera / Gold Passports: Pittatzis released his own recording for

Lawyer Andreas Pittatzis, one of the protagonists of the famous Al Jazeera documentary about the golden passports – which led to the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament, Dimitris Syllouris (with the scene with the mitzokamma and the glass of wine , Christaki Tziovani- posted, in the afternoon, on his personal Facebook account, text and audio, presenting his own version of events. The audio excerpt is from a secret recording he made to Al Jazeera's covered journalists, when they were discussing the process of exceptional naturalization through the Cyprus Investment Program, where the now famous “This is Cyprus” can be heard.

Pittatzii post as it is:

Gentlemen of Al Jazeera.

You behaved dishonestly. You did not “play” the truth. You weighed the audience. This new Cyprus. Of the Colosseum. The one who suffocated from corruption and thirsts for blood. They sent me messages to die, to get cancer, to disappear and other cosmetic adjectives. Your fake edited shots end here! Why weren't you the only one recording?

I kept my mouth shut for 3 months. I let the Al Jazeera crows eat the last piece of flesh above me and my soul. I was patient… I was killed, humiliated, I cried, I was betrayed, I was deported, I was humiliated, I was marginalized, I was investigated, I was beaten. I was patient… A friend wrote in an article about me, that “in his grave he will write 25 years honest and then a lawyer”. I was patient… No friend… in my grave he will write “ἢ τὰν π ἐπὶ τᾶς”.

Gentlemen of Al Jazeera. When you played the quote for the name change, why didn't you “play” what I REALLY told you? Why did you edit and with a fake movie you went to kill a man who did not blame you? But how could you, the Turkophiles, the beasts, think that this lawyer from a small town in small Cyprus suspected you… and that you were not the only one recording. With the blood still dripping, I get up and challenge you. As strong as you are. Those Emirates and billions behind you.

“THIS IS CYPRUS”. The attack that received the “Oscar” of corruption. But was it true? You presented that allegedly I would change the name of the specific illegal person and THEN I would issue him a Cypriot Passport. You did not play what you asked me in GENERAL about the process and NOT ESPECIALLY about the so-called illegal… You did not play what I really told you. ASSEMBLE them and serve a fake dish.

KYC that you will hear on the recording, what it means: Know Your Client (KYC). They are the checks made according to Law 188 (I) / 2007 to determine that the money of a transaction comes from legal activities. Hundreds of pages of documents. I have shown you, the masters of Al Jazeera, the list of documents required. That before any investment / application is made, the research must be done according to the law. Why didn't you say that? Why didn't you show it too? I kicked you out of my office when you did not give the details, why did not you play it? You came back and assured me that you would send me the details to check what really and IF your customer was really experiencing something. Why didn't you play it? Why didn't you say that on 10/26/2019 at 10:20 p.m. I told you clearly that your client could NOT receive a Cyprus Passport.

I CHALLENGE you gentlemen of Al Jazeera to refute the first (of the many) recordings. I CAUSE you to say that the following are not words I told you on 25/10/2019 at 03:10 in the afternoon. I CHALLENGE you to explain to us why you hid them. I CAUSE you to cover ALL the expenses to send your real recordings, not the edited and fake shots you played.

This IS Cyprus Al Jazeera. And I am not afraid of you. I summon you to the Court of Public Opinion and I dare you to respond.

The righteous are not lost in the trials of time.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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