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Al Jazeera, Hollywood and Perdie's campaign

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Al Jazeera, Hollywood and Perdie's campaign

The biggest digital campaign ever made for the promotion of Cyprus abroad, will be implemented this year by the Ministry of Tourism, as the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Savvas Perdios, stated on Wednesday.

As he stated after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, for the purpose of the campaign they are already in the process of producing new creative material to change the tourist image of Cyprus abroad, which includes photos, videos and other productions. He added that “it is very important to make a campaign at the local level, a conscientiousness campaign of the permanent residents of Cyprus to get to know the beauties of the island and to show conscientiousness on issues such as cleanliness.” I imagine Mr. Perdios has in mind the ridiculous things we have been experiencing in recent months, both with the wooden house in Dierona and with the Teisia of Madari. However, it is taken for granted that things for the tourism industry of Cyprus will be very difficult for 2021 and it would not be an exaggeration to say that to return to the levels of 2019 it will take at least another 3-4 years.

New complaint about Al Jazeera

The revelation that one of the protagonists in the famous documentary of Al Jazeera about the naturalization process in Cyprus filed a complaint for violation of his personal data, spoke on the show Insider on Active and to Socrates Joachim and Mario Rousso the Data Protection Commissioner Loizidou.

Ms. Loizidou, for obvious reasons, did not want to reveal the name of the person who made the complaint, but simply said that it will be made public soon, as her conclusion on the specific complaint will be made public. However, despite the persistent questions he received, he did not want to leave a mark on the content of the decision he will issue. However, based on our information, the person who submitted the complaint is not Mr. Pittatzis.

Regarding the Giorkatzi list, Irini Loizidou stated that careful handling is required in the publication of the data, something she said to the new Speaker of Parliament, emphasizing that the position she has expressed since the summer on the issue has not changed.

Finally, she referred to the fines and complaints that her office receives on a daily basis, noting that it needs to be further staffed in order to handle the volume of work it has.

€ 1.8 billion projects through structural projects

The plan for the utilization of the EU Structural Funds for the period 2021 – 2027 was presented by the Minister of Finance Konstantinos Petridis, according to which it concerns € 968 million for projects amounting to € 1.8 billion, including the national contribution. Speaking at a press conference at the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Petridis expressed his satisfaction with the amount allocated to Cyprus for the next programming period and said that it is, after negotiations, 30% higher than the previous one, noting at the same time that in the last seven years Cyprus has managed to have 100% absorption and the effort will be to repeat this. According to the Minister of Finance, the main funds have to do with the development and reduction of social differences “and that is why it has enough targeting for smart entrepreneurship, green growth and job creation”. The allocation of € 968 million per Fund is € 467 million from the European Regional Development Fund, € 222 million from the European Social Fund, € 178 million from the Cohesion Fund and € 101 million from the Fair Transition Fund.

Is Hollywood coming?

An extensive article in the British Daily Telegraph mentions the attractiveness of Cyprus as a place for the production of Hollywood movies. The newspaper notes that the Cypriot authorities offer “aggressive” incentives for producers, such as cash back up to 35% of production companies' expenses, but also a beautiful setting, with sunshine 320 days a year. It also hosts statements by director Dimitris Logothetis, who is behind the film Jiu Jitsu, with Nicolas Cage, which, as noted, became the first Hollywood production to be shot entirely in Cyprus in more than four decades. However, information that leads the Auditor General to stay in the Daily Telegraph that for all those who want to proceed with the production of films in Cyprus will not be granted Cypriot citizenship, for the time being are not confirmed.

The successors of Michalakis Leptos

With extraordinary sessions, the positions in the two companies that were chaired by the recently deceased businessman Michalakis Leptos were filled by his two sons, George and Pantelis Leptos.

Specifically, after an extraordinary meeting of the board of directors of LEPTOS CALYPSO HOTELS PUBLIC LTD, it was unanimously decided to appoint Pantelis Leptos as CEO of the company in place of the late Michalakis Leptos and Giorgos Leptos as Deputy Councilor.

Also, something similar happened on the same day in the other company of the group in PANDORA INVESTMENTS PUBLIC LTD, as in an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors it was decided unanimously the appointment of George Leptos as CEO of the company in place of the late Michalakis Leptos. Also, Mr. Pantelis Leptos was unanimously appointed CEO and Deputy CEO of the company. As a pillar, however, we are convinced that both George and Pantelis Leptos will successfully continue their father's work.

National minimum wage and the statements of the leaders

The Council of Ministers reaffirmed the position of the Government as it is recorded in the governing program of the President of the Republic, to start a social dialogue for the implementation of the national minimum wage when full-time conditions are reached. After the meeting, Deputy Government Spokesman Panagiotis Sentonas told the media that the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance has completed all relevant studies on it, adding that the government will start the social dialogue on the implementation of the national minimum wage conditions when full-time, ie when unemployment is around 5%. The column, however, for another week will try to tell you what famous people of the political, state and sports life of the place did not want to say on the subject.


Nikos Anastasiadis, President of the Republic of Cyprus: Without the Cyprus Investment Program, there is no way we can see unemployment at 5%, Mr. Socrates.

Averof Neophytou, president of DISY : As long as the mushroom is expelling players that APOEL will increase unemployment.

Andros Kyprianou, secretary general AKEL: Sit down, that is. Are they walking around us?

Nikolas Papadopoulos, president of DIKO: The issue does not cut me off. Give the naturalization files to the auditor general.

Marinos Sizopoulos, president of EDEK: Let Papadakis get into unemployment and nothing else will cut me off.

Eleni Theocharous, President of Solidarity: When I submitted proposals for reducing unemployment, they replied that this is not my job.

Charalambos Theopemptou, president of the Ecologists Movement: The government once again confirms our position that it has no contact with the environment.

George Lillikas, president of the Citizens' Alliance: Tell me where they pre-sell jobs, let me get you two.

Marios Karoyan, president of DIPA: However, I did not fire any employee at DIKO.

Christos Christou, president of ELAM: If all foreigners leave Cyprus, there will be no unemployment.

Anna Theologou, president of the Independents: As long as the government “works” for us, employment will not increase.

Archbishop Chrysostomos II: Unemployment has no chance of being reduced to 5%, Socrates. Do you want a priest to tell you?

Prodromos Petridis, president of APOEL: I agree with the national minimum wage. Each player and € 1,100.

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