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Alalum on state receipts and payments

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Alalum on state receipts and payments

The Audit Office finds an alalum in the receipts and payments of the state in its annual report for 2019, as the audit showed that there were supporting payment slips without stamps or without signatures. Specifically, the findings of the Audit Office state, inter alia, the following:

The supporting documents attached to the payment slips did not bear the stamps “received”, “paid” and “approval and authorization of expenditure”. In addition, cases were identified where the “expenditure approval and authorization” stamp did not bear any signatures or was signed only at the point of authorization, so that the required checks could not be confirmed before the payment was made.

There were also cases of payments in which there were signatures, unrecognizable, elsewhere on the supporting documents, except the stamp. Pay slips and / or corrective slips were approved / authorized by unauthorized officials or by authorized officials for smaller amounts. There were also cases of non-performance or non-documentation of the performance, reconciliation of income and expenses with the monthly statements (EPB21) and non-submission of the relevant certifications to the General Accounting Office, with notification to the Auditor General, as provided in a relevant circular.

Sponsorships were granted by ministries to organizations, Local Authorities (ATA), funds and school boards under their supervision, without submitting the latest available audited financial statements, without taking into account the cash and reserves of organizations and without complying with the provisions of article 26 of the Law on Accounting and Financial Management and Financial Control of the Republic. Also, there were delays in the payment of invoices, beyond 30 days and non-submission, to the General Accountant, of the monthly commitment reports provided by law.

Also, for the statements of deposits and advances, there was an untimely submission or non-submission or incorrect submission, to the General Accountant, with all the balances on 31.12.2019 and / or non-notification to the Auditor General, as well as weaknesses in their observance and monitoring . The audit of the receipts and the registers of collection books revealed, among other things, untimely or non-return of collection books by revenue collection officers, as a result of which insufficient control is exercised as to the quantity of unused collection books in their possession.

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