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Alexandros Jiang: From China to the municipal offices of Paphos

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< p>Αλèξανδροσ Jiang: Α πό την ΚΙνα στα δημοτικα εδρανα Παφ ο&upsilon?

It entered the lives of all Paphites during the pandemic, due to the continuous and high-value donations of medical and nursing equipment to institutions and agencies of Pafos.

Before the corona virus, he was well known in business and social institutions of the city, since his arrival in Paphos from China a few years ago was not another arrival for purely economic and business planning.The Chinese in question integrated from the first moment of his arrival in Cyprus, showing a philanthropic face and above all acquiring Cypriot citizenship and being baptized Christian Orthodox. Today, Alexander Jiang is back in the spotlight as he is the first a Chinese, albeit a naturalized Cypriot now, whoclaims to enter a municipal council during the municipal elections in June. Alexandros comes down with the DISY ballot for the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Paphos.

Αλèξανδροσ Jiang: Απ τη&nu? &upsilon?

The course of the most recognizable Chinese in Paphos, looks like a fairy tale: It was November 2019, when in a small church that functions as a baptistery for adults, that of Agios Georgios in the Kato Pervolion area, he and his little daughter were baptized Orthodox Christians. Henry Jiang and his daughter, Miu-Miu, received Divine Grace, also receiving their new names: Alexander and Alexandra. Godfather for the first is the well-known Pafos lawyer, Penelope Athinodorou-Manti, and for the little one, businessman Melanthis Melanthiou.

Alexandros Henry Jiang spoke exclusively to PafosNet about his life here with his little daughter, emphasizing from the beginning thathis decision to come to Cyprus from his vast homeland is one of the best things he did in his life.

To our question how did he happen to choose Paphos to settle permanently , coming from distant China, Alexander immediately answers:

“Paphos is the most suitable city to live in. This is also formalized by many studies and research both of the United Nations and of other international organizations on the quality of life. Although it is not a big city,Paphos has a huge historical and cultural background, while due to its location it perfectly connects the western with the eastern civilization and culture. It is of course also a famous tourist destination.

Αλèξανδρος Jiang: Απ τη&nu? &upsilon?

For all these reasons, I was impressed and chose Paphos as my new place to stay when I visited the city in 2012. On top of that, I found that life here was just right for my aging parents too.

I also wanted to find a place where my young daughter could start her life with quality and Paphos immediately saw that it offered me this: Clean atmosphere, blue seas, largely unspoiled nature,

This it was. I immediately fell in love with Paphos and stayed.”                   

On the professional front, things were less idyllic for Alexander Henry. As a professional investor, he first arrived in Cyprus at a time when the economic crash and the collapse of all sectors of activity was imminent.But he emphasizes that he never lost his trust in this small country.

“I saw the difficulties of Cyprus during the banking crisis in 2012-13”, he says, “when and many foreign investors remained in the background, waiting to see how things would develop. But I had absolute confidence in things in Cyprus and in 2013, together with several other Chinese investors, we visited Cyprus more than 10 times looking for suitable investment opportunities, since I was sure that the Cypriot Government would get the country out of the crisis very quickly.< /p>

ΑλΕξανδροσ Jiang: Απo την Κiνα στα δημοτικa eδρανα Πaφο&upsilon?

When all the foreign investors were going to leave Cyprus then, we were brave enough to enter the market when Cyprus was at the bottom. Whereas when the market is at its peak and everyone is rushing to get in, you have to be careful, that's my business philosophy”.

Living in Cyprus for over seven years, he emphasizes, I am now certain that it is the place where I will live happily for the rest of my life. As a member of the United Europe, Cyprus points out that it has all the conditions to be an attractive destination for investors thanks to its advantages and the opportunities it offers them.

When asked how he experiences the coexistence of the locals in a small town, Alexander immediately notices that the people in Paphos are “extremely simple“. They like to communicate, they are friendly, generous, they will not deceive you when they like you and they are very receptive to foreign visitors, he emphasizes.

“My daughter is growing up here and I love to see her running and playing in the sea, in squares and in the neighborhood without fear,” he observes. “She knows all the residents in the neighborhood we live in by name, as they know her, and she really likes using the bus to go to school, hanging out with the other students on it and getting to know the bus driver too.< /p>

I love people's behavior in relation to my parents as well. It has happened many times when my mother comes back from the supermarket with shopping that strangers are willing to help her if she wants, whilemy father has been surprised by the kindness of people on the street when they see him driving the three-wheeler battery-powered means of transport”.

Alexandros particularly points out that little Alexandra attends a Greek public school, stressing that the good relations of Cypriots with foreign residents reflect the level of their culture, while he particularly points out the importance he attaches to his daughter's learning the Greek language .

“Greek and Chinese, after all, are the most difficult languages ​​in the world”, he observes with a smile. “My daughter already speaks foreign languages, learning Greek will be a huge advantage for life of the following'.

Alexander's presence here was particularly noticeable during the pandemic. In the midst of the unprecedented situation that Cyprus was experiencing with the corona virus, Alexander managed at his own expense and thanks to his connections in China, to supply institutions, departments, organizations and vulnerable groups of the population of Paphos with thousands of protective masks, as well as other specialized medical and nursing equipment.

The Paphos Hospital, the Municipality of Paphos, the District Administration, the Labor Office, the School Ephoria, parties and other social bodies, received one after the other a large number of protective masks in order to be used for the needs of their staff. In some cases, as in the case of the Hospital, the donations were repeated and also related to specialized items, such as the special footwear for the needs of health professionals that he donated to the staff.

The donations of our Chinese “compatriot” were received with gratitude and emotion in Paphos. The Mayor of Paphos, Phaidonas Phaidonos, warmly congratulated Mr. Henry Jiang for his kind initiative which, as he said, reflects his feelings of appreciation and solidarity towards Paphos and its residents.
He himself in statements of “F” when asked about this campaign that he carried out alone, he expressed his joy and satisfaction for the opportunity he was given to offer to the community of Paphos.

“I said this before the pandemic “, he said, “I repeat it now: I now feel Paphos as my home, the place where I and my daughter want to live. And I want to contribute to overcoming today's difficulties.

I donated a total of over 10 thousand masks because having the experience of China I know how important they are to stay healthy. Now, I live in Paphos. And if the paffites are healthy, then my family will be too.

The virus does not discriminate between rich and poor, experts and non-experts. And while we stay at our homes, some other people were working like real heroes for the society. I wanted to help these heroes”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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