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Alfamega Supermarkets: “Part of your life!”

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The new advertising campaign of Alphamega supermarkets, creates images for your every small and big moment

Υπεραγορες Αλφαμεγα: «&Kappa ;ομμàτι της ζωorς σας!»

Pieces, big and small, are part of a bigger picture!

Feelings, experiences, small and big moments that make each one of us unique and influence generations and generations of Cypriots, aspire to conquer a large part of each person's personality.

It is a special and at the same time exciting journey defined by our own unique breath, the laughter, the crying, the joy, the enthusiasm for everything new or old, for each of our personal Ithaca.

ΥπεραγορΕσ Αλφ αμεγα: «Κομματι της ζωorς σας!»

Every change that opens new paths for us fascinates us and gives us the stamp of the new era. An era that finds us with new loves, young and old, with new challenges and responsibilities for life and that redefines our values ​​such as respect for the environment. Just like our society and each individual person, we too evolve, progress and grow and feel the need to share knowledge and experiences.

With a sense of responsibility and respect for the consumer, Alphamega Supermarkets are constantly evolving to provide upgraded services and a timeless offer to our society.

More from 15 film locations across the island, 35 actors and more than 60 talented collaborators, were the pieces of the puzzle of our new advertising production, which surpasses any previous one, with the aim of highlighting the individual quality characteristics of our Hypermarkets and giving the mark of the new era.

Alfamega Hypermarkets are there for you, “part of your life”!

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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