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Aliki Diplarakou: The first Greek Miss Europe for whom roads were closed in Athens (photos)

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Like today in 1930, an unprecedented crowd at the time is noted on Ermou Street in Athens with a traffic stop by the crowd, which gathers to admire Miss Europe, Aliki Diplarakou.

Beauty of the interwar period and the first Greek woman to be named “Miss Europe”. Originally from Mani, he was born on August 28, 1912 in Athens. According to information from sansimera.gr, she was one of the three daughters of lawyer Georgios Diplarakos and Elena Nikolesi. Her father's real last name was Vavoulis, but for family reasons he adopted his mother's last name.

Beauty by the Union of Authors

Aliki Diplarakou probably happened to be a candidate in the beauty pageants of 1930, which during those difficult years for Greece enjoyed great formality and were organized by the Union of Authors. One winter Sunday in January, while she and her family were watching the competition at the Olympia Theater, she suddenly heard her name from a member of the jury, who invited her on stage to compete. An acquaintance of hers had stated it without her knowing it.

As she later told the Times of London, when she tried to refuse, the President of the Republic, Alexandros Zaimis, who was present at the event, told her that her participation in the competition was a national affair. Eighteen-year-old Aliki won the title of “Miss Greece”, although she had strong competition from Roxani Stergiou from Thessaloniki, who took second place. The beauty queen was brown, big-eyed, with thin and well-written lips, height 1.68 and thin for the measures of the time.

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“δυο's two's blue eyes”

Here is how the “Vradyni” of January 14, 1930 describes her appearance: Hegemonic stature, grace and harmony of movements, majestic gait, fairy lightness. Her two sub-blue eyes sparkle unusually, show an indefinable passion, a melancholy mood, which is the result of excessive sentimentality. lathes, which become thinner as they go up and end in very thin fingers, like a melody that goes out. And the finale, the long blond hair, waving on the shoulders “.

Her victory in Europe is a national triumph

On February 6, 1930, Aliki Diplarakou represented our country in the beauty contest “Miss Europe”, which took place in Paris. Confirming the predictions, she emerged as the most beautiful woman in Europe for 1930.

The “Kathimerini” of the next day reduces its victory to a national triumph: “… The whole Greek community of Paris is celebrating the beautiful triumph of Greek beauty since yesterday. The election of the Greek candidate as “Miss Europe” is the subject of all discussions, especially among the artistic circles, who attribute to the triumphant victory of “Miss Europe” the importance of an aesthetic event, symbolizing the return of contemporary art to the eternal and unattainable standards of the ancient Greek tradition. It is generally emphasized that yesterday's victory of the beautiful Greek woman is for Greece, the most beautiful advertisement and solemn recognition of the Greek nobility and at the same time the most beloved introduction to the upcoming celebrations of the National Centenary… ».

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And the article continues, which does not spare superficial descriptions of the beautiful Alice: “Alice is the perfect type of a legendary goddess. Her physique is both athletic and graceful. She is tall with a long brown hair, with a pure dark color, with brown-black eyes. of the attendees… The Greek who won the European beauty pageants combines the brilliant and serious beauties that make her a living statue that would tell the world to resurrect the century of Pheidios… The Double Diprakou combines education, intelligence and always gorgeous beauty “.

Panic in Ermou from people

Its success was duly celebrated in Athens as well. Thousands of people gathered on Ermou Street on June 9 to cheer and admire her up close. Next stop for the beautiful Alice is Rio de Janeiro, where she took part on October 13, 1930 in the contest for the promotion of “Miss World”. She did very well and came second after “Miss Brazil” Yolanda Pereira, who won the title of most beautiful woman in the world. Then, after trying her luck in the theater for a while, she toured the USA, where she gave lectures on ancient Greek culture, dispelling the myth that the beautiful are not smart. He spoke fluent English, French and Italian. It made headlines again in the 1930s, when a dressed man broke the sanctuary of Mount Athos to meet the Athonite State, which is forbidden to women.

Aliki Diplarakou got married twice. For the first time on October 31, 1932 with the French aviator and businessman Paul – Louis Véyer, with whom he had a child, Paul Anick (1933-1998). Her second marriage took place on December 15, 1945 to Englishman Sir John Russell, a descendant of the 6th Duke of Bedford. The Greek beauty, who received the title of Lady, had two children with him, Georgia – Alexandra (1947) and Alexander Charles Thomas (1950).

Aliki Diplarakou passed away on October 30 2002.

Source: in.gr

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