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ALK had a meeting with the President of CyFoS

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ALK had a meeting with the President of CyFoS

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Meeting with the President of the Cyprus Foundation of the Sea (CyFoS) Capt. Eugen-Henning Adami and a delegation of the Secretariat consisting of Zacharias Sioukouros and Monica Andreou had, in the context of the contacts of the Cyprus Ports Authority with involved organizations, the Chairman of the Board of the Cyprus Ports Authority and officials.

According to an announcement by ALK, during the meeting, issues of common interest were discussed between the Cyprus Port Authority and CyFoS, with the heads of the two organizations presenting their work and activities.

In particular, significant emphasis was placed on issues related to blue development which is a primary goal of CyFoS and a special priority of the Cyprus Ports Authority, with both sides emphasizing the importance of implementing information, education, regional cooperation and information dissemination policies to stakeholders. to promote the blue economy, the green agenda, sustainability and their practical applications in the port and maritime industry.

In his statements, Capt. Adami stressed the need for coordination between stakeholders to manage the relevant issues while referring to the various committees that have been set up under CyFoS.

The President of ALK, bidding on the above, stressed the important role that the Cyprus Ports Authority can play in promoting the well-meaning interests of our country in matters related to blue development.

Source: www.philenews.com

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