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Alkis Christou and Despina Hadjizacharia: They will become parents! (Photo)

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    Αλκης Χρorστου – &Delta ;σποιναΧατζηζαα: Θαγνον γονεiς! (Φoτος)

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    Parents for for the first time in the coming months Alkis Christou and his beloved Despina Hadzizacharia.

    The couple 9 months after their weddingrevealed the happy news a few minutes ago via Instagram, posting lovely snaps, informing their online friends of the arrival of their child.

    The talented Cypriot actor and businesswoman his wife are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child, who will complete their family happiness in the best possible way.

    The mother-to-be wrote characteristically in her post: “Our family is going to grow. A little creature has been growing inside me for the last few months”.

    See photos:

     ληστοποναχτηζ χαρλα γλνονελς

    Αλκης Χρorστου – Δ σοιναηζααγνον ;ονεiς! (Φoτος)

    Αλκης Χρorστου – &Delta σοιναηζααγνον ;ονεiς! (Φoτος)

    Αλκης Χρorστου – &Delta σοιναηζααγνον ;ονεiς! (Φoτος)

    Αλκης Χρorστου – &Delta σοιναηζααγνον ;ονεiς! (Φoτος)

    χρσ–οιαχτζ ηζχαρλα γλνγονελς

    Άλκησ Χρorσ του – Δεσποινα Χατζηζαχαρiα: Θα γiνουν γονεiς! (Φoτος)

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