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All in the air for public service reform

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All in the air for Civil Service reform

Eleftheria Paizanou

The last changes will be attempted by the opposition parties in the reform of the public service, during the discussion of the relevant bills this afternoon in the Plenary Session of the Parliament. At the heart of the new differentiations will again be the interdepartmental promotion on the A13 scale, the new institution introduced at the suggestion of the government.

The oral amendments prepared by some deputies will be submitted to the Plenary for approval, meaning that with the consent of the Speaker of Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, as well as the majority of the parties, they will approve them.

Specifically, EDEK and DIPA will propose an oral amendment, which will seek to exclude from the interdepartmental promotion the employees of the technical and scientific staff of the Ministry of Defense. It seems that the two parties were convinced by the arguments they developed through a letter sent by the affected people to the Parliament and they will insist on their exclusion.


There are also such civil servants SEC request to the President for a ceiling on fuel and heating oil

The technical service engineers, who deal with the maintenance of weapons systems, the construction of camps and specialized building facilities, warned through the letter that in case they are promoted to A13 scale and transferred to another ministry (as allowed by the interdepartmental promotion), their know-how and expertise are lost, resulting in large sums of money being spent on training new staff.

In addition, two oral amendments will be tabled today by the Ecologists in the Plenary. The first amendment removes the procedure of interdepartmental promotion provided in the bill! With the second amendment, a new article is added to the bill, for the evaluation of the candidates, in order to apply the rules of recording the oral examination.


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