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All unacceptable for the list

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All unacceptable for the list

For almost three years now, the public and the political staff of the country have been plagued by the infamous Giorkatzi list. A list that in the future is not excluded, on the contrary, it is very likely that it will change its characterization from infamous to infamous.

The list was considered by many to be a scam by politically exposed individuals. It was presented by the parties and other patrons of ethics and law that he would strip the lamoya and present to us the king naked and exposed so that we could spit on him. Instead we saw another idiot. We have seen a well-crafted farce against the citizen, the afflicted citizen who for almost a decade has been suffering, without work, without income, who is struggling to survive and is literally being kept alive through charity.

The Giorkatzi list, as it has been published and abused for years, has now functioned as a swimming pool for Siloam. Wash away sins and crimes. All those who shout and sweat to fight corruption quickly, but they are the ones who create and maintain it. In the list that saw the light of day, among the thousands of names that it includes, there are mostly cases that concern strangers and that no one is interested in. Includes irrelevant information, does not tell us if they are first debtors or loan guarantors or even if the amounts due to them are loans, or credit card balances or are covered by adequate guarantees. It does not inform us if from 2018 when the list was made, the loans that appear as non-performing today are non-performing or have even been repaid.

This is a list given to the citizen to allegedly expose those politicians and officials who abused their position and took loans, either in arrears or on favorable terms. Eventually the last mistake turns out to be the hands of the first. If we remember how the issue started and where it has ended, we will find another mockery of the citizen. Ridicule from beginning to end. The former governor of the Central Bank, Chrystalla Giorkatzi, did not have the public mind to understand and put it into practice, what was required. The Parliament and especially the citizen wanted to be informed which of all those who from morning till night claim that they toil for the public interest, is taking advantage of their position for illicit enrichment. And there are not many of them. Are they 100, 200, 300 people? MPs, ministers, high-ranking government officials, etc. could easily be identified and included in a list. Instead, Ms. Giorkatzi wrote that labyrinth from which no one can get out. It included the righteous and the unrighteous. But the Parliament has been making fun of us for three years now. They keep the list in their drawers without doing anything. Nor did they try to “clean it up”. And when the knot reached the scallop, it was thrown north to the hungry for gossip and public spectacles. The same can be said for the new Governor of the Central Bank, Konstantinos Herodotou. Of course he had all the facts in mind. Why did he not intervene, why did he not ask for the list to be returned to him to get rid of the useless data, to update it and to give it clean to the Parliament and consequently to the people.

We see, dare we say, a collusion. Whether by agreement or not, that is where we end up and that is the result. A colony of blackening and disorienting public opinion. All of them are unacceptable and unjustified. Their attitude and behavior leave little room for us to reach the fight against corruption, for which so many are being cut and so much is being said.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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