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Alpha Bank Cyprus and Europa Donna Cyprus join forces with COCO-MAT for “The Pillow Positive Project”

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TOGETHER, we become a heart for struggling women

Alpha Bank Κύπκοι κύπεον ;υεε τια «The Pillow Positive Project» /></p>
<p>Alpha</strong> <strong>Bank</strong> <strong>Cyprus, </strong>joins forces with <strong>Europa Donna Cyprus</strong> and the company <strong>COCO-MAT</strong>, for the transfer and implementation of the program, <strong>“The Pillow Positive Project”</strong>in Cyprus. It is an initiative that seeks both to raise awareness and inform society about breast cancer, as well as to offer practical support to women who have undergone surgery.</p>
<p>The official announcement of the program was made in the framework of a joint press conference held on Wednesday, June 5 at the House of Europa Donna. “The Pillow Positive Project” is an initiative of COCO-MAT, which since 2012 has supported thousands of women who have undergone breast cancer surgery by offering them heart-shaped pillows. Through the partnership with Alpha Bank Cyprus, and Europa Donna Cyprus, the pillows of “The Pillow Positive Project”, will be offered free of charge to recovering women in Cyprus as a symbol of support and positive energy.</p>
<p>In his brief greeting, the CEO of Alpha Bank Cyprus, Mr. Miltos Michaelas, pointed out that “the Bank, consistent with its Corporate Responsibility Program, has been strategically seeking all these years to give a foothold to initiatives that have a substantial impact on society, responding with respect and responsibility in the role she has taken on, working towards a sustainable future for us and the generations to come”.</p>
<p>In this context, he said “and considering the impact of the COCO-MAT initiative in Greece, we wanted to bring this action TOGETHER in Cyprus. Thus, by also inviting Europa Donna Cyprus, with whom Alpha Bank Cyprus has maintained a close partnership for several years now, we created a framework in which the program will support and honor all women who fight for the right to life and to Cyprus”. Mr. Michailas added that “it is really a particularly valuable program that is in line with the Bank's human-centered philosophy, setting as its main goal the support of vulnerable social groups, but also organizations with a significant impact on society”.</p>
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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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