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Alt in the state for revenue disposal

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Alt in the state for withdrawal of income

Adamos Adamou

The president of DISY, proposing on Wednesday the waiver by the state of the part due to the increase that the managers of the port of Limassol intend to impose on their tariffs, characterized this solution as logical and practically applicable, in order to avoid the transfer of increases in consumers, however the Audit Office (EA) seems to hold a different view.

In her speech yesterday, she argued that in order for the state to absorb the cost of the increases, EU approval would be required. will be placed when it is brought before the KEAA (Central Committee for Changes and Claims). In any case, the condition is to secure approval from the EU as state aid “, was yesterday the post of EV on twitter.


Provisional solution for tariffs in ports – What they decided Based on Averoff's proposal, Karousos is looking for a solution for tariffs

AKEL again expresses criticism to the government for the commercialization agreement of the port of Limassol and for the contract / agreement made for the assignment of services to individuals (including the companies Eurogate Container Terminal Limassol Ltd, DP World Limassol Limited and P&O Maritime Cyprus Limited which is a subsidiary of DP World Limited).

They reduce and delay

The noise around the issue, the call of the Minister of Transport to the managers for restraint, together with the intention of the ministry to consider the issue of charges in the port of Limassol in general, have already led a company to reduce the amount of increases it intends to impose and the second to delay their enforcement until the end of February. This was announced yesterday by the Ministry of Transport: After consultations with the management companies, “the Minister of Transport, Giannis Karousos, welcomes the intention of P&O Maritime Cyprus to apply, from February 1, 2022, to ships entering and leaving the port for loading and unloading. of 6.62%, instead of 16.6% “.

The same announcement also states that the minister was informed about the decision of the company Eurogate Container Terminal Limassol Ltd to delay the increase of its charges until February 28, in order to give time to the government to work out ways to alleviate the issue. “At the same time, the Ministry of Transport is in contact with both the Ministry of Finance and the Attorney General's Office, in order to prepare a comprehensive and feasible proposal to resolve the issue,” the announcement concludes.

In yesterday's statements, however, Mr. Karousos stated that the proposal of the president of DISY is being examined, stating that on the issue there will be a meeting in the coming days with the Legal Service and the Minister of Finance, because as he explained, “the solutions that will proposed must be legally and procedurally correct “.

It is worth noting that on the occasion of the discussions on the issue and the expressed intention of the government to consider the issue and return, as reported on Tuesday in Parliament, the CCCI in its own letter called on the managers of the Limassol port to postpone the start implementation of their increased charges until February 20, 2022, “contributing to the joint effort to find the best possible solution”.

AKEL and DISY clinked them for their financial knowledge, with the port as a background

The proposal of the president of DISY for the absorption of the increases in the port of Limassol by the state provoked the strong reaction of AKEL, which accused him yesterday that “the society wants to pay the profits of the businessmen in the port”.

Spokesman George Koukoumas said that “the root of the scandal lies in the very privatization of the only commercial port of Cyprus and the criminal for the place agreement concluded by the Government of Alarm”, adding that this agreement “is full of scandals and provisions that are detrimental to the country, many of which may even constitute criminal offenses. ” He claimed that a relevant report of EV “that records this crime has been in the hands of the General Prosecutor's Office for almost 4 years, but so far nothing has been done”. He also announced that AKEL, in a letter from the secretary general of the party, again called on the Attorney General “to carry out his work in connection with the government crime in the Port of Limassol.”

– On the occasion of AKEL's criticism, DISY defended the agreement for the commercialization of the Limassol port, with the vice president accusing AKEL of not doing well financially. “The profitability of the Ports Authority until 2016 was limited to 23 million per year. From 2017 onwards, the state revenues from the privatization of the port of Limassol increased to 50 million euros per year. That is, in the last 5 years, the state has received 250 million from the private managers of the port, while the companies have invested another 50 million. And these are a scandal for AKEL. “We knew that AKEL was not doing well financially but it seems that they have now exceeded all limits”, was the comment of Mr. Georgiadis.

– AKEL responded to DISY, claiming that “Haris Georgiadis's finances are what closed the Cooperation” and that “Averof Neophytou's finances are for the Cypriot people to double the profits of the big businessmen who manage the port”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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