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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Altamira Asset Management Cyprus is renamed doValue Cyprus

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Property management remains under the “Altamira” brand

Η Altamira Asset Management Cyprus μετονομàζεται σε doValue Cyprus

Altamira Asset Management Cyprus is renamed to doValue Cyprus as part of the consolidation of all the Group's subsidiaries with a common reference to the pan-European recognizable brand of doValue, also reflecting the Group's commitment to stay and further develop its operations in Cyprus.< /p>

More than five years since its launch in the Cypriot market, doValue Cyprus has emerged as the leading loan and property management company in Cyprus and is strengthened by the dynamics of the largest loan and property management Group in Southern Europe.

The doValue Group currently holds a leading position – apart from Cyprus – in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, with a total portfolio of more than €120 billion. The Group has set as a top priority in all the countries where it is based the continuation of the implementation of the best practices followed at the European level, implementing a clear action plan to solve the problem of non-performing loans.

Continuing its operations on the basis of the successful business model it has followed in recent years, doValue Cyprus remains steadfast in its values, aiming to sustainably settle more debts for the borrowers of the portfolios it manages. At the same time, acting on the basis of its fundamental principles: transparency, reliability and professionalism, the company aims to strengthen the economy and create value for society.

Works related to real estate management remain under the brand “Altamira” which has achieved a leading position in the Cypriot market in the real estate sector.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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