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Alternative ways of processing transactions at the Bank of Cyprus

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Alternative ways of processing transactions at the Bank of Cyprus

Acting as an ally in the State's efforts to reduce coronavirus cases, Bank of Cyprus offers you a wide range of digital services and products, which you can use from your home easily, quickly and economically.

Bank of Cyprus calls on its customers to restrict their movements in accordance with the State instructions against the spread of Covid-19, for the protection of themselves and their families.

For this purpose, it offers fast, simple, economical and secure digital options through the range of products and services of Cyprus ON (CYON – www.bankofcyprus.com.cy/cyon), so that you do not have to visit any of its stores .

Measures for the safety and health of its customers:

  • Serving vulnerable groups from 08:00 until 09:00 . Customers who do not belong to them, are normally served after 09:00 in the morning.
  • Cash or business check deposits through the 2 new types of deposit machines, after consultation with a service operator or with the store ( Machine locations )
  • Cash deposits over € 2,000 and / or over 3 checks continue to be made through envelope delivery.
  • The payment of Utility bills is done only through the 1bank & ATM service .
  • Cash withdrawals under € 500 are made only through ATMs.
  • Payroll executions to legal entities are done electronically, through the 1bank service.
  • Money transfers to legal entities and individuals are made through the 1bank and ATM service.
  • Customer service for non-cash transactions (eg signing contracts, providing information, receiving cards and checkbooks), is done only by appointment.

Wide range of options

Stay digital , Go 1 bank : Digital payments and solutions

1bank Internet Banking and BoC Mobile Banking App subscribers can make transfers and payments without having to visit the Bank's branch or any other organization.

With just a few clicks they can transfer funds between their accounts or to any other person in other Banks in Cyprus and abroad, pay utility bills, taxes, organizations, renew their license and access accounts they maintain with other banks. In addition, they have the ability to manage their cards to reissue a password and replace or activate it. Also through the Mobile App, customers are given the opportunity to obtain their own approved electronic signature.

QuickPay : Money transfers via mobile phone

Sending and receiving money between private customers is easier than ever, using the QuickPay service through the ΒοC Mobile Banking App, using simply the beneficiary's phone number.

Modern Business Cash Service machines

The Bank of Cyprus has recently introduced new solutions for Cypriot companies, which simplify the process of depositing cash and checks and even coins.

To date, the installation of 15 machines for depositing banknotes, coins up to € 20 and checks using special security files has been completed. Specifically, eight machines have been installed in Nicosia, five in Limassol, one in Larnaca and one in Ayia Napa.

156 ATMs in 110 points throughout Cyprus

It is worth noting that for years Bank of Cyprus has been offering through ATM terminals, automated deposit solutions (banknotes and checks) for individuals, while also with great success, 21 coin counting machines operate on a nationwide basis.

Cyprus ON: Tune in to the digital age

Guided by the protection of the health of all of us, the Bank of Cyprus shows you the way to tune in to the digital age. Take advantage of its products and services, install the App it offers, get acquainted with the new data and take advantage of the possibilities of technology to now make your personal payments and transactions faster, simpler, cheaper and more secure.

Source: politis.com.cy

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