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Altia is transforming the real estate market through property management technology services from Prosperty and Robura

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Η Altia μετασχημα τζει την αγορακινorτων μeσω τεχ&nu ;ολογικων υπηρεσιων διαχεΙριση&sigma ; ακινorτων απo την Prosperty και την Robura

Altia, the fastest growing real estate company in Cyprus with one of the largest real estate portfolios, brings digital transformation to the real estate sector in Cyprus through a complete package of innovative services. The package, which includes real estate onboarding, asset management and commercialization services through the Prosperty B2B SaaS Enterprise Platform, has been developed on behalf of the company by Prosperty, a leading international provider of B2B SaaS enterprise platforms for institutional real estate portfolios, and Robura, an innovative regional a leader in technology solutions and real estate services.

Robura and Prosperty offer professional services to Altia using innovative data-driven real estate technology services. This solution enhances Altia's capabilities, allowing it to expand its capabilities, increase its speed and realize its full potential in the Cypriot real estate market. By differentiating itself in the market and providing added value to its customers, Altia is able to maximize the value of its portfolios and achieve long-term success in the industry.

The cloud-based SaaS platform provides Altia a comprehensive set of features and benefits that can streamline operations, improve collaboration and increase efficiency.

Η Altia μετασχηματΙ&zeta ;ει την αγορα ακινorτων μεσω τεχνο λογικΩν υπηρεσιΩν διαχεΙρισης α κινorτων απo την Prosperty και την Robura

The platform integrates real-time data, analytics and reporting capabilities that allow Altia to make informed decisions that lead to growth and profitability. In addition, the platform offers a white-label marketplace, which will allow Altia to further strengthen its real estate portfolio marketing efforts.

Natasha Firman, Head of Real Estate Services /strong> of Altia, said: “We are excited about our partnership with Prosperty and Robura, through which we achieve holistic management and marketing of our property portfolio in a more effective and efficient manner. Our platform offers centralized and streamlined management of our portfolio with real-time control of our properties, allowing us to make data-driven decisions that will drive growth and success. Altia is the leading brand in the real estate market in Cyprus, introducing a range of the most innovative tools and practices for the first time to the market. We are passionate about serving our clients and provide personalized support from start to finish in every real estate transaction.”

“By joining forces with Prosperty, we can offer high-quality service to a leading market player such as Altia. Our partnership is an important step for the Real Estate industry in Cyprus with cutting-edge technology solutions based on data, creating a mechanism with great growth potential” said Anna Charalambous, Director > of Robura.

“This partnership is a testament to Prosperty's commitment to providing innovative technology solutions and services to Real Estate on a global scale. With Robura as our experienced partner, we are confident of the success of this venture. We are grateful for Altia's trust in our Platform and look forward to building a strong and long-term partnership” said Antonis Markopoulos,CEO of Prosperty.

The B2B SaaS platform provides a complete solution for institutional investors and property management companies, including banks, servicers, REITs, Family Offices and construction companies, for the efficient and holistic management and marketing of their real estate portfolio. The platform is designed to meet the demands of the Real Estate industry internationally and provides the mechanism required for growth and success.

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