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An application created by Cypriots for Cypriots

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An application created by Cypriots for Cypriots

An electronic wallet created by Cypriots focusing on the needs of every Cypriot.

The pandemic and its aftermath have demonstrated the importance of utilizing all the tools for the benefit of consumers, with bulky wallets full of cards, banknotes, coins being gradually replaced by mobile phones. With sKash, an application that has Cypriot at the core of its creation, you can make everything from simple daily transactions to money transfers and payments to the public and large organizations.

It also makes it possible to take advantage of the multiple possibilities offered by the sKash application from the comfort of home.

With sKash you can make a series of banking transactions without even visiting a bank branch. In addition to payment, sending money and withdrawals, you can even create a new bank account with your own iBan in a few minutes exclusively through the application and completely free. As for the issue of security, the sKash application utilizes on the one hand the strategic cooperation with AstroBank on the other hand the support of leading experts in online banking security.

Important in the strange but also difficult days that the pandemic brought with it is the knowledge of how important it is to save money. With sKash, you get instant refunds whenever you pay for anything, with a QR code or card but even when you pay bills. In this way, Cypriots receive discounts that they can redeem directly from their favorite stores, saving hundreds of euros in their daily purchases every month.

It is not the only savings that sKash offers for Cypriots. It extends to a wide range of savings such as unnecessary costs imposed by other bank and application account maintenance, card charges, etc. But it still does not stop here, the transfer of money from sKash account to any bank in Cyprus or abroad is also free.

The ways you can save money with sKash are endless.

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