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An € 40 million octagonal private hospital is coming to Limassol

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An € 40 million octagonal private hospital is coming to Limassol

By Socrates Joachim


An octagonal hospital complex is under construction in Limassol, with a sale price of € 40 million. The construction of the hospital was implemented by the company Pouros Developments, in the area of Agios Ioannis, Limassol province.

Specifically, the hospital will consist of four five-storey buildings, in the shape of an octagon, which will be connected to each other by built-in bridges. The private hospital will include 350 (+100) parking spaces on the ground and underground parking, kitchen and WC facilities (according to government regulations), main kitchen and dining area, garden on the roof of the building, which will include a bar and cafeteria, children's joy and smoking area. The covered areas will amount to 19,600 sq.m., while the adaptable hospital areas will range from 5,700 sq.m. up to 7,700 sq.m. It will be interesting, however, to see who will be housed upon completion and what kind of medical services it will offer. Οψόμεθα.

Pattiheio changes its appearance

Conditional green light was given to the environmental authority to promote the remodeling of the Pattiheio Park area of the Municipality of Larnaca. The project, based on the study submitted, includes the remodeling and addition of park infrastructure, trails and paths, dining area and playground, sports fields, parking lots, replacement and addition of leisure and exercise equipment for mild individual sports and creation and operation of recreation areas. Pattiheio Park is located next to the salt flats, is a continuation of the protected areas of the salt flats and part of the Natura 2000 area. .μ.

Important deal for CYTA

CYTA entered into a very important agreement with the company IPification this week, launching a new service to its customers. The agreement concerns a service offered by the international company with which the telephone number intersects with the network, creating a unique authentication code, enhancing user protection. The new alliance was created in collaboration with Innovage Consulting, which acts as an IPification partner in Cyprus. For its part, Cyta believes that IPificaiton's improved authentication process will improve the services it offers to its customers and help businesses connect with their customers online.

Hotel in Paralimni

A public hearing of the Derogation Study Council for granting urban planning permission for additions to conversions in existing development and change of use of organized apartments in a hotel, within the Municipality of Paralimni, will take place next Friday, February 11th. More specifically, the application of Pythia Hotel Apartments Ltd will be examined, which concerns the granting of a planning permission derogating from the provisions of the Paralimni Policy Statement, for additions to existing development and change of use of organized apartments in a hotel (“Artemis”), so that the capacity to rise to 178 rooms / 422 beds. The Public Hearing is open to the public and will take place at the development site, on Cape Greco Avenue.

VAT is not an interest-free loan

A rather interesting announcement of the SEC we singled out this week in relation to tax evasion in Cyprus. The union, after analyzing the firm position that it is unreservedly in favor of any measure and policy that will reduce tax evasion and strengthen public finances, sent a message to strengthen the collection of the state. Specifically, he opposed those companies that illegally withhold Value Added Tax (VAT), and at the same time called on the Tax Department, within the logic of public expulsion, to publish the names of those who withhold accumulated VAT. He stressed that VAT is not an asset of the entrepreneur, nor an interest-free loan, nor a way to increase the liquidity of companies.

It should be reminded, however, that in 2020 the Tax Department sent letters to legal entities and individuals, with large VAT debts, which include 100 taxpayers who owe an amount of more than one million euros each. That is, in simple words, 100 taxpayers owe more than € 100 million. This, with the mildest characterization for the SEC but also for every rationally thinking citizen is a crime of a manipulative kind, at the expense of the state funds. Finally, for the final solution of this problem, the TEC, correctly in the view of the column, suggests the direct payment of VAT to the state during the transaction. In this way, there will be a complete and effective solution to the problem with the use of modern technology. The column will evaluate all the requests, both of the employers' organizations and of the unions and will express a positive opinion in everything that it considers to be justified.

Departure from Louis

Louis plc announced this week the departure of Cleopatra Kitti from its Board. Council. The departure was due to Ms. Kitti's increased professional commitments in Europe and the Middle East. Cleopatra Kitti, however, offered valuable services to the company, as she served the Board with dedication for the last four years.

Distinction for WiRE

Participation together with only eight other companies worldwide in the innovative program of PWC UK, “Scale FinTech”, has been secured by the Cypriot company fintech, WiRE. Specifically, the company was selected to participate, after a rigorous evaluation of 700 companies that expressed interest in the program. WiRE, by Pavlos Loizos, stood out among hundreds of companies, since its selection was based mainly on the innovative approach of various sources with characteristics of the real estate market, environmental risk, natural hazards, the coverage of residential and commercial real estate by geographical area, which will gradually cover the whole of Europe.

€ 25 million for processing of agricultural products

The Council of Ministers approved the Sponsorship Plan for the Creation, Modernization and Digital Upgrading of Units for the Processing and / or Marketing of Agricultural Products. The total amount that will be allocated for the financing of the Project amounts to 25 million euros. Eligible costs will include, among others, the construction and expansion of business buildings, the purchase of new machinery and the purchase of equipment and services for digital upgrades that will include the creation of a website or e-shop. In terms of activities eligible for participation in the project, these include, but are not limited to, fruit and vegetable marketing, standardization / packaging of olive oil, eggs and processing, standardization / packaging of meat, collection / pre-freezing of milk and pasteurization of milk, slaughterhouses poultry, rabbits and other animals, as well as flower markets and flower packing and distribution centers.

Source: www.philenews.com

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